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Sanger says "We can actually do better"

Wikipedia's creator at EMU: 'We can actually do better' - Larry Sanger spoke at Eastern Michigan University about some of Wikipedia's problems as he promoted Citizendium, his latest online venture. The article points out a number of issues including inconsistent article lengths and the fact that it is written by volunteers without any particular expertise. Sanger claims that Citizendium is more like a "country fair" with judges, and with more oversight than Wikipedia.

US-centric views affect neutrality

Wikipedia's neutrality is a 'facade' - A lecturer at the University of Sydney has accused Wikipedia of US-centric bias, after some of his edits were reverted because, he claims, some of the references came from sources that fell outside the norm. He criticised the ability of administrators to remove content arbitrarily (which is not strictly accurate) and said that the no-original-research policy results in the inability to "re-organise information from a variety of sources" (again, not strictly accurate). Even a "liberal" US view excludes many perspectives from other parts of the world, he claims.

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    he can do original research at Wikiversity if he likes. --Emesee (talk) 09:24, 14 February 2008 (UTC)[reply]


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