Wikipedia Dispatches: Great saves at Featured article review

Over time, Wikipedia’s featured article review (FAR) has evolved from an up-and-down vote on the status of an article to a more deliberative process that allows ample time for the content improvement needed to bring an article to current standards. While it moves more slowly than it once did, the current review process has produced a number of great “saves” on some older featured articles.

Improving an article at FAR is quiet and somewhat thankless work, as the articles in question have already seen the greater exposure of a featured article candidacy and, usually, have been featured on the main page. A group of dedicated editors have emerged that have most often made saves. DrKiernan has produced excellent improvement on FAs related to royalty and nobility. Ceoil has been especially active on music and literature FAs, and he and ww2censor have made an effort to keep Ireland-related articles up to current standards. WesleyDodds has worked on modern music articles and produced a number of saves. Other editors active in improving articles at FAR include Casliber, Deckiller, Dr pda, qp10qp, and Yomangani.

A great many articles have been saved by editors who were previously editing a nominated article but have not been involved in review more generally, or who are coming to FAR for the first time based on notifications. Anyone interested in reviewing, copyediting, and helping older FAs, is encouraged to stop by the page.

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