Dispatches: New methods to find Featured Article candidates

We've added several tools to help reviewers more quickly locate Featured Article candidates and Featured Articles under review in which they might be interested. As Featured Article production has increased, there are now usually between 40 and 60 articles seeking Featured Article status at a given time. FAR usually has fewer articles to review at any one time, but the discussions can become very long and involved. As page sizes increase, some reviewers may be discouraged from finding articles which interest them. At the request of BuddingJournalist, CBM, the operator of VeblenBot, modified the bot to create a more streamlined method of viewing the current nominations. User:VeblenBot/C/Wikipedia featured article review candidates listing the candidates at FAR, while User:VeblenBot/C/Wikipedia featured article candidates lists the candidates at FAC.

The length of the list at FAC can still make it difficult for a reviewer to quickly determine which FACs need more attention to clearly determine consensus. To solve this problem, Deckiller created a page to list the urgent FACs. The page is primarily updated by SandyGeorgia, although other regular FAC reviewers also maintain it. It can be transcluded onto any page, and can be found at the FAC talk page as well as on many user talk pages.

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