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In the news

Professor bans Wikipedia

White bread for young minds, says university professor - A professor of media studies, Tara Brabazon, has described Google as "white bread" for students ("filling, but it does not offer nutritional content"), and says that students turn to Wikipedia unquestioningly because "it's there". Her comments are said to echo Andrew Keen's comments about online amateurism in his book The Cult of the Amateur. Brabazon blames the increased dependence upon pixels over paper on the decline in libraries, and she supplies her students with extracts from peer-reviewed printed texts so that they can experience the "page and the print".

Focus on Simple English Wikipedia

Wikipedia too long-winded for you? Try the simple version - The Simple English Wikipedia got a mention this week, as a version of Wikipedia that uses fewer words and easier grammar. Although designed for people learning English, the simple style can help with understanding. The basis of the Simple English Wikipedia is covered: its use of language comes from Basic English and a special Voice of America protocol.

Other mentions

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    Wikipedia is unhealthy for young 'uns. Oh Won't Someone Think Of The Children!!! - (talk) 02:40, 21 January 2008 (UTC)[reply]


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