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Not white bread

Reference books? Give me Wikipedia - In response to a professor calling Internet sources "white bread" (see archived story), the author of this article states that the notion that the Internet is eroding our research skills echoes the past mantra that the lower classes should not be taught to read. He argues that the professor is blaming the messenger and not the message, and the problems that are blamed on the Internet have always plagued students: the way that their work is marked may be reinforcing that using predigested material is acceptable. The author questions the assumption that because something is bound in book format, it is therefore more reliable.

"Party boy" article deleted

Wikipedia rejects Corey entry - Melbourne teenager Corey Delaney had a brief moment of fame on Wikipedia, but his article was deleted soon after it was created. Delaney, who held a wild party at his parents' home and attracted international media attention, was deemed not to meet Wikipedia's guidelines for inclusion; the individual in question is only notable for one event. While some argued that the case was notable because it may result in changes to local laws or policies, others believed that it was unfair to create a Wikipedia article on a 16-year-old who may later regret it and that Wikipedia is not a tabloid newspaper.

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