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Wales: collaboration fosters ideas

Wikipedia founder puts faith in many: Wales reinforces the idea that Wikipedia is a good starting point for research, instead of being the only point of reference. Companies can take on the idea of collaboration to allow ideas to come in from outside the company, and tools exist for allowing large numbers of people to work collaboratively, such as wikis. However, he cautions that just because a lot of people have looked at a something doesn't mean it's correct, but "It's certainly better than only one person looking at it". Wales reaffirms Wikipedia's volunteers' commitment to quality and openness.

Journalists' articles on Wikipedia

Stephen Glover on The Press: The author scrutinises Wikipedia entries on journalists and discovers that there is a wide discrepancy between the comprehensiveness of different articles, and concludes that some articles contain details that could only have been inserted by the subject of the article. His impression is that "some journalists think about little else than the on-line encyclopaedia". However, he notes that inclusion has its perils in the form of vandalism that can occur to your article.

Other mentions in the news

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I'm making another correction: the S. Africa official was suspended, not arrested, as shown by this fuller, earlier article with identical passages. ←BenB4 13:24, 4 September 2007 (UTC)[reply]


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