Features and admins

Features and admins


Eight users were granted admin status via the Requests for Adminship process this week: Awiseman (nom), Raymond arritt (nom), Caknuck (nom), Calliopejen1 (nom), Tabercil (nom), Marasmusine (nom), Angelo.romano (nom) and DarkFalls (nom).


Six bots or bot tasks were approved to begin operating this week: WikiBotas (task request), PipepBot (task request), Scsbot (task request), JL-Bot (task request), ImageRemovalBot (task request) and STBotI (task request).

Featured content

Thirty-three articles were promoted to featured status last week: Rock Springs massacre (nom), Io (moon) (nom), Love. Angel. Music. Baby. (nom), Hippopotamus (nom), By the Way (nom), Walter Model (nom), John Mayer (nom), Roy Welensky (nom), Shaw and Crompton (nom), Be Here Now (nom), Sophie Blanchard (nom), Banksia ericifolia (nom), Parasaurolophus (nom), Georg Cantor (nom), Kaziranga National Park (nom), You Only Move Twice (nom), Postage stamps of Ireland (nom), Night of the Long Knives (nom), CM Punk (nom), E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial (nom), ESRB re-rating of The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion (nom), Saturn (nom), Bishop Henry (nom), Ironclad warship (nom), Richard Hakluyt (nom), Tang Dynasty (nom), Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (nom), 300 (film) (nom), Octopus card (nom), Jersey Shore shark attacks of 1916 (nom), Chicago Board of Trade Building (nom), Leek Town F.C. (nom) and Cædwalla of Wessex (nom).

Two articles were de-featured last week: Trench warfare (nom) and Speaker of the United States House of Representatives (nom).

Five lists were promoted to featured status last week: The Simpsons (season 1) (nom), List of people associated with Jesus College, Oxford (nom), List of counties in Wyoming (nom), St. Louis Rams seasons (nom) and List of Kentucky state insignia (nom).

No lists were de-featured last week.

No portals, topics or sounds were promoted to featured status last week.

The following featured articles were displayed last week on the Main Page as Today's featured article: École Polytechnique massacre, Robert Baden-Powell, 1st Baron Baden-Powell, Super Nintendo Entertainment System, Supernova, Wallis, Duchess of Windsor, Mauna Loa and European Parliament.

The following featured pictures were displayed last week on the Main Page as picture of the day: Cleveland tower, Territorial evolution of Mexico, Fashion photograph by Toni Frissell, Antennae Galaxies, Marines operating the M198 howitzer, Eden Project and Atlantic Bobtail.

Two pictures were promoted to featured status last week and are shown below.

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