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In the news

Prominent New York Times story

On the front page of its National edition, The New York Times published the story "Growing Wikipedia Revises Its 'Anyone Can Edit' Policy", about Wikipedia's "new restrictions" on openness (see related story). Jimmy Wales responds in his blog, with "The New York Times gets it exactly backwards". The story was picked up by numerous other media who reprint Times content, and commented on in several blogs.

Wales discourages citation of encyclopedias including Wikipedia for research purposes

Political editing

The Australian Herald Sun discussed how "Liberals hit back at Wikipedia 'dirt' file", regarding longtime Wikipedia editor Adam Carr (see related story).

Colorado newspaper The Aspen Daily News discussed edits made by participants in Colorado political campaigns in "Candidate supporters use Wikipedia to spin, sling mud".

eBay adds a Wiki

According to "Auctioneer eBay adds 'wiki'for tips about online selling" in the The China Post in Taiwan, eBay has launched its own on Tuesday at the eBay Live conference in Las Vegas. The wiki will allow eBay users to build a communal how-to guide for buying and selling. eBay joins in the ranks of major internet players who have added wiki functionality to their websites in recent months.

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There is an article in the (UK) Sunday Times of 25/6 about Wikipedia - I do not have the citation details on me. Jackiespeel 14:25, 26 June 2006 (UTC)[reply]


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