Features and admins

Features and admins


Eight users were granted admin status last week: Crzrussian (nom), Fir0002 (nom), Samir (The Scope) (nom), Silence (nom), IanManka (nom), Cuivienen (nom), DVD R W (nom) and Gwernol (nom).

Featured content

Seven articles were featured last week: Cystic fibrosis (nom), Cane Toad (nom), Hurricane John (1994) (nom), Chromatophore (nom), Venus (nom), The Lord of the Rings (nom) and Plano Senior High School (nom).

One article was de-featured last week: Hugo Chávez.

Three lists reached featured list status last week: List of Chief Ministers of Tamil Nadu, List of members of the ASEAN and List of Virtual Boy games.

The following featured articles were displayed last week on the main page as Today's featured article: 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake, Phil Collins, Crab Nebula, AIDS, Parliament of the United Kingdom, Hurricane Floyd and Che Guevara.

These were the pictures of the day last week: Frogs, Han Civilisation, Suburbs, British Museum Reading Room, Round hay bale, Carrots and Orb-weaver spider.

Three pictures reached featured picture status last week:

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