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News and notes: Page rank drops

Wikipedia has dropped a notch in a familiar ranking system, although the available information suggests that the reasons for this have little to do with Wikipedia's growth trends. Also, a glance at what projects different Wikipedias are working on.

Page rank drops back

Alterego reports that Google has made a major overhaul to its PageRank system, causing Wikipedia to fall back down a notch. Wikipedia, which first reached a PageRank of 9 at the end of May (see archived story), is now again at 8 (out of a possible 10). He notes that Google appears to show a much lower number of incoming links to Wikipedia, compared with the number of links as calculated by MSN. Minh Nguyễn suggests that Google's number may be after weeding out mirror sites that have used Wikipedia content to manipulate their own rankings.

Double redirects

Triddle, who recently started the WikiProject help desk (not to be confused with the Wikipedia:Help desk), is launching an effort to deal with the problem of double redirects. The project is intended as a place to coordinate the use and development of software tools related to Wikipedia. In addition to looking at double redirects, it has previously worked with Dmcdevit on the transwiki process. Note that now that moves are logged, it should be much easier to track down most of the situations in which double redirects get created.

Portuguese Wikipedia all categorized

Muriel Gottrop reports that on Sunday the Portuguese Wikipedia achieved a goal of having every article placed in a category. The process was aided by a tool written by Nuno Tavares that keeps track of still-uncategorized articles in real time. An attempt to verify this by checking random articles found no articles lacking categories, although a few new articles have been created since the report and still await categorization.

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The lower number of incoming links could be due to Google weeding out spamming sites that mirror Wikipedia's content to boost their own ranking. I've seen a lot of that in Google's search results in the past. – Minh Nguyễn (talk, contribs, blog) 05:32, 18 July 2005 (UTC)[reply]


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