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Picture of the day debuts on main page

This week the picture of the day made its first appearance on Wikipedia's Main Page, replacing the Did you know feature, albeit temporarily. Also, there were 3 new admins, 10 new featured articles, 8 new featured lists, and 5 new featured pictures this week.

Picture of the day

The possibility of replacing "Did you know" with a rotation of featured pictures had been brought up already a week ago (see archived story). On Saturday, MacGyverMagic said that due to "a lack of suggestions" for new articles he would give the Picture of the day feature a trial run in its place. Following an earlier compromise suggestion, he indicated that he planned to rotate so that "Picture of the day" would be used on weekends and "Did you know" on weekdays.

Some problems quickly cropped up, particularly technical issues with the templates involved, and further editing broke the layout of the main page on some browsers. Also, Solipsist, who helps organize the selection of the "Picture of the day", suggested that better coordination was needed to avoid repeating featured pictures on the main page, much as is already done for featured articles.


Three wikipedians received administrator status after their requests for adminship received wide support: Triddle (nom), Jredmond (nom), and Uncle G (nom).

Featured content

Ten more featured article candidates were promoted this week, namely Layla, Hong Kong, Norman Borlaug, Carl Friedrich Gauss, Krill, Virtuti Militari, History of Poland (1945-1989), Augustan literature (another highly praised work by Geogre and team), Real Love (song), and USS Missouri (BB-63).

Eight featured list candidates were promoted this week: List of ISS spacewalks, List of Super Bowl champions, List of Oklahoma birds, List of U.S. Senate committees, List of elements by name, Periodic table (large version), List of members of the Commonwealth of Nations by continent, and List of members of the Commonwealth of Nations by name. Meanwhile, on Featured picture candidates, five images were promoted.

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