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In focus History of The Signpost, 2015–2019
Covering Wikipedia for another five years!
In the media The Signpost's investigative story recognized, Wikipedia turns 18 and gets a birthday gift from Google, and more editors are recognized
Heroes and unsung heroes: many good news stories about the work we are all doing together.
Special report The Signpost got 380,000+ views in 2018; sounds reasonable enough, right?
A statistical insight into the English Wikipedia's very own online community newspaper.
From the editor The Signpost tagging initiative
Over more than a decade of weekly publication, The Signpost has accumulated an incredibly lengthy and detailed record about the issues, controversies, successes, and failures of the English Wikipedia community and the movement at large.
Foundation elections WMF Board candidates share their views with the Signpost
Board candidates share their views with the Signpost: Three community-elected seats on the Board of Trustees—the ultimate governing authority of the Wikimedia Foundation—will be decided by Wikimedians in the election to be held 17–31 May.
From the editor A sign of the times—the Signpost revamps its internal structure to make contributing easier
We received a large amount of feedback in our survey indicating that our readers found the idea of contributing to the Signpost difficult due to our opaque internal structure.
Anniversary A decade of the Signpost
Celebrating and remembering ten years of community journalism.
WikiProject report Microsoft does The Signpost
A WikiProject does that old trick of becoming nearly inactive and then springing back to life.
WikiProject report Signpost reaches the Midwest
Today, it's the turn of WikiProject Ohio to give us an interview probing deep into of how they manage to run a project covering one fiftieth of the United States, and the workings of how they manufacture their successes and other articles.
From the editor The Signpost needs your help
Contributing to the Signpost can be one of the most rewarding things an editor can do.
Exclusive "We need to be true to who we are"—Foundation's new executive director speaks to the Signpost
In her first interview since taking office, Lila Tretikov, the Wikimedia Foundation's new executive director, speaks about grantmaking, the global south, and the gender gap.
Technology report Why will Wikipedia look like the Signpost?
As you have probably read on this weeks op-ed, or via various other channels of announcement, 3 April will see the introduction of the Typography refresh (or update) for the Vector skin on all Wikipedias. Other projects like Commons will have this update rolled out a few days prior.
From the editor The Signpost needs your help
As I said in August, contributing to the Signpost can be one of the most rewarding things an editor can do. The genre is refreshingly different from that of Wikipedia articles, and can allow writers to use a different range of skills. The need for an independent, volunteer-run Signpost continues to grow, given the increasing complexity and financial expenditures of the global Wikimedia movement, not to mention the English Wikipedia.
News and notes Wikimedia Foundation's new plans announced
Last week the Wikimedia Foundation released its annual plan for July 2013 to June 2014. It provides a surprisingly frank view—of past achievements and failures, and future goals and risks—that could be afforded only by a non-profit that is confident and beholden to no commercial or political interests.
From the editor Signpost developments
I am excited to announce that a Portuguese-language journal, Correio da Wikipédia has been launched by Vitorvicentevalente. It has just published its third edition, and I encourage readers who speak the language to read and contribute to its already-expansive coverage of the Portuguese Wikipedia and the Wikimedia movement.
Technology report The Visual Editor: Where are we now, and where are we headed?
Since its inception in May 2011, the Foundation's Visual Editor project has grown to become one of its main focuses. As the project nears its two-year birthday, the Signpost caught up with Visual Editor project manager James Forrester to discuss the progress on the project.
From the editor Signpost–Wikizine merger; new writers
SignpostWikizine merger: I am pleased to announce that the Signpost and Wikizine have reached an in-principle agreement that will see Wikizine published as a special Signpost section at the beginning of each month.
Technology report Signpost investigation: code review times
Late last month, the "Technology report" included a story using code review backlog figures – the only code review figures then available – to construct a rough narrative about the average experience of code contributors. This week, we hope to go one better, by looking directly at code review wait times, and, in particular, median code review times
From the editor Signpost expands to Facebook
We now have a Facebook page at We invite you to "like" the page and join the discussion there.
From the editor Signpost adapts as news consumption changes
Thanks to the initiative of Yuvi Panda and Notnarayan, the Signpost now has an Android app, free for download on Google Play. ... but would readers be interested in an iOS app for Apple devices?
From the editor Signpost developments
The Signpost{{'}}s goal is to provide readers with essential information about the Wikimedia movement and the English Wikipedia – both of which have become large and extremely complex institutions that require timely, balanced and in-depth coverage.
WikiProject report The Signpost scoops The Signpost
Featured content This week's Signpost is for the birds!
WikiProject report The Signpost scoops The Bugle
From the editor Changes to The Signpost
From the editor New ways to read and share the Signpost
From the team Changes to the Signpost
From the team Introducing Signpost Sidebars
From the editors 250th issue of the Signpost
From the editor Where should the Signpost go from here?
From the editor Welcome to the build-your-own edition of the Signpost
From the editor Follow the Signpost with RSS and Twitter
From the editor Reviewing books for the Signpost
Domas Mituzas interview Signpost interview: Domas Mituzas
Michael Snow interview Signpost interview: Michael Snow
John Broughton interview Signpost interview: John Broughton
2007 in review Special: 2007 in Review, Part III
Gardner interview Signpost interview: New Executive Director Sue Gardner
Anthere interview Signpost interview: Florence Devouard
From the editor From the editor: Proposed Signpost Redesign
From the editor From the editor: Welcome to the Signpost!


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