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From the editor

In keeping with the Signpost's main objectives, to provide Wikipedia important community news, and to do so in a clean, uncluttered interface, we at the Signpost have been collaborating on a new look for the main page that presents pertinent information better.

The story pages (i.e. the one you're viewing now) will remain the same, as will our coverage of important issues that affect the Wikipedia community. What we've done is we've taken Wikinews' layout and altered it a bit, to fit the needs of the page. We invite our readers to weigh in on the issue — a preview of the design can be found here.

Thank you for letting us be one of your primary sources on Wikipedia and Wikimedia news, and we promise to continue this tradition in the months to come.

Ral315 and the Signpost staff

The Wikipedia Signpost
The Wikipedia Signpost

On September 18, Jimmy Wales announced that Danny Wool would be working as an Executive Assistant at the Wikimedia Foundation. He becomes the second full-time employee hired by the Wikimedia Foundation, joining Chief Technical Officer Brion Vibber.

Ever since Wikipedia started in January of 2001, disputes have been inevitable. As the enyclopedia — and the number of active users — expanded exponentially, the number of disputes and disagreements rose as well. It was up to Jimbo Wales, the founder of Wikipedia, to settle the disputes and to dole out punishments.

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Volume 1, Issue 38
26 September, 2005

Event Calendar

Currently, we do not have any information on upcoming Wikipedia events. In the future, this calendar will be used for such a purpose.

Sep. 19 — International Talk Like A Pirate Day
Sep. 22 — Wikimedia Board Meeting
Sep. 29 — Wikimedia Open Board Meeting
Oct. 31 — Halloween
Nov. 15 — Cabal takes over Wikipedia
Nov. 16 — ???
Nov. 17 — Profit!!!

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