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Special report Massive paid editing network unearthed on the English Wikipedia
Nearly 400 accounts blocked in largest paid-editing bust ever.
Op-ed WP:THREATENING2MEN: The English Wikipedia's misogynist infopolitics and the hegemony of the asshole consensus
Nothing makes Wikipedians more angry than a discussion of gender and feminism on Wikipedia.
Op-ed Content Translation beta is coming to the English Wikipedia
The Wikimedia Foundation's Language Engineering team plans to introduce Content Translation—a tool that makes it easier to translate Wikipedia articles into different languages—as a beta feature on the English Wikipedia.
Recent research Military history, cricket, and Australia targeted in Wikipedia articles' popularity vs. quality; how copyright damages economy
Reader demand for some topics (e.g. LGBT topics or pages about countries) is poorly satisfied, whereas there is over-abundance of quality on topics of comparatively little interest, such as military history.
News and notes One editor faces likely ban for work on Wikipedia; another awarded $1 million
One editor faces likely ban for work on Wikipedia; Jimmy Wales awarded $1 million: Also: GLAM-Wiki Conference; Ombudsman Commission announced; Slovak Wikipedia now has 200,000 articles
Featured content English Wikipedia departs for Japan
Ten articles and three pictures were promoted to featured status last week.
Recent research Shifting values in the paid content debate; cross-language bot detection
Shifting values in the paid content debate: Kim Osman has performed a fascinating study on the three 2013 failed proposals to ban paid advocacy editing in the English language Wikipedia. Using a Constructivist Grounded Theory approach, Osman analyzed 573 posts from the three main votes on paid editing conducted in the community in November 2013.
Discussion report Media Viewer, old HTML tags
Discussions on the English Wikipedia this week include...
News and notes The English Wikipedia's second featured-article centurion; wiki inventor interviewed on video
With the promotion to featured article of Grus (constellation) on 17 May, Casliber became Wikipedia's second featured-article centurion, following Wehwalt's groundbreaking achievement last December. Cas's first FA, Banksia integrifolia, a group effort, was promoted on 16 November 2006. His first solo project, Diplodocus, followed in January 2007; he has rarely been off the FAC since. In a second story, Ward Cunningham, an American computer programmer who invented the wiki, was interviewed by the WMF.
Technology report Technology report needs editor; Media Viewer offers a new look
Technology report needs editor, Media Viewer offers a new look: The Media Viewer is scheduled to launch on the English Wikipedia next week.
Special report Community mourns passing of Adrianne Wadewitz
"I remember laughing and talking and laughing and talking at Wikimania 2012. I took this picture of her that she used for a long while as a profile pic. Someone on Facebook said it looked 'skepchickal', which she loved."
Recent research Wikipedians' "encyclopedic identity" dominates even in Kosovo debates; analysis of "In the news" discussions; user hierarchy mapped
Wikipedians' "encyclopedic identity" dominates even in Kosovo debates: Have you wondered about differences in the articles on Crimea in the Russian, Ukrainian, and English versions of Wikipedia? A newly published article entitled "Lost in Translation: Contexts, Computing, Disputing on Wikipedia" doesn't address Crimea, but nonetheless offers insight into the editing of contentious articles in multiple language editions through a heavy qualitative examination of Wikipedia articles about the Kosovo in the Serbian, Croatian, and English editions.
Discussion report Four paragraph lead, indefinitely blocked IPs, editor reviews broken?
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
Forum Should Wikimedia modify its terms of use to require disclosure?
About a week ago, the Wikimedia Foundation proposed to modify the Wikimedia projects' terms of use to specifically ban paid editing, by adding a new clause titled "Paid contributions without disclosure". We have asked two users, one in favor of the measure (Smallbones) and one opposed (Pete Forsyth), to contribute their opinions on the matter.
Discussion report Article incubator, dates and fractions, medical disclaimer
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia and around the Wikimedia movement include...
Discussion report Draft namespace, VisualEditor meetings
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
Discussion report Usernames, template data and documentation, Main page, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
Discussion report Musical scores, diversity conference, Module:Convert, and more
Recent discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
Discussion report Commas, draft namespace proposal, education updates
Commas, Draft namespace proposal, education updates, and more: Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
Discussion report Sockpuppet investigations, VisualEditor, Wikidata's birthday, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
Discussion report More discussion of paid advocacy, upcoming arbitrator elections, research hackathon, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
Discussion report Ada Lovelace Day, paid advocacy on Wikipedia, sidebar update, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
Discussion report References to individuals and groups, merging wikiprojects, portals on the Main page, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
Discussion report Arbcom election procedures, Wiki Loves Monuments, Privacy policy, FDC, and more
As mentioned in "In the news" on Wikipedia's main page, the Library of Birmingham in the United Kingdom has opened. This interior photo was taken a week before opening. The article reports that the library "has been described as the largest public library in the United Kingdom, the largest public cultural space in Europe, and the largest regional library in Europe."
Discussion report Skyscrapers, Gibraltar DYKs, Four Award, Secure login, and more
A new post in the WMF blog describes Assistant Professor Amy E. Hughes' experience in the Wikimedia Education Program with a two term graduate class on Western theater history.
Discussion report Wikivoyage, reliable sources, music bands, account creators, and OTRS
Recent discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
Discussion report Civility policy, geographic names, CheckUser and Oversighter candidates, and more
CheckUser and Oversighter candidates, and more: Recent discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
Discussion report Defining consensus; VisualEditor default state; expert and layperson terms in article titles
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia this week include...
Discussion report Partially disambiguated page names, page protection policy, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
Discussion report Featured article process governance, signature templates, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include ...
Discussion report Snuggle, mainpage link to Wikinews, 3RR, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
Discussion report Privacy policy, X!'s edit counter, old rangeblocks, and the Article Incubator
A list of current discussions on the English Wikipedia.
Discussion report Citations, non-free content, and a MediaWiki meeting
A list of current discussions on the English Wikipedia.
Discussion report VisualEditor, elections, bots, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia.
Recent research Motivations on the Persian Wikipedia; is science eight times more popular on the Spanish Wikipedia than the English Wikipedia?
An article in Library Review offers a much-needed comparison of data from a population of editors outside the English Wikipedia.
In the media New Wikipedia for Schools edition; Anders Behring Breivik's Wikipedia contributions
On 26 April 2013, the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation published an article reviewing Norwegian mass murderer Anders Behring Breivik's edits to the English Wikipedia.
Technology report A flurry of deployments
On Monday, the English Wikipedia became the 12th wiki to be able to pull data from the central repository, with other wikis scheduled to receive the update on Wednesday.
Technology report Testing week for developers and their deployments
Testing week: The deployment of phase 2 of Wikidata to the English Wikipedia, originally scheduled for 8 April but delayed due to technical problems, may be rescheduled again as the result of community resistance.
Technology report Wikidata phase 2 deployment timetable in doubt
Users of ten Wikipedias got access to phase 2 of Wikidata following its first rollout to production wikis.
Technology report Wikidata team targets English Wikipedia deployment
Following the deployment of the Wikidata client to the Hungarian Wikipedia last month, the client was also deployed to the Italian and Hebrew Wikipedias on Wednesday. The next target for the client, which automatically provides phase 1 functionality, is the English Wikipedia, with a deployment date of 11 February already set.
News and notes 2012—the big year
The movement, now in its second decade, is growing apace in its international reach, cultural and linguistic diversity, technical development, and financial complexity.
Recent research Movie success predictions, readability, credentials and authority, geographical comparisons
An open-access preprint presents the results from a study attempting to predict early box office revenues from Wikipedia traffic and activity data. The authors – a team of computational social scientists from Budapest University of Technology and Economics, Aalto University and the Central European University – submit that behavioral patterns on Wikipedia can be used for accurate forecasting, matching and in some cases outperforming the use of social media data for predictive modeling. The results, based on a corpus of 312 English Wikipedia articles on movies released in 2010, indicate that the joint editing activity and traffic measures on Wikipedia are strong predictors of box office revenue for highly successful movies.
Recent research "Rise and decline" of Wikipedia participation, new literature overviews, a look back at WikiSym 2012
A paper to appear in a special issue of American Behavioral Scientist describes how "several changes that the Wikipedia community made to manage quality and consistency in the face of a massive growth in participation have led to a more restrictive environment for newcomers" and points to three factors contributing to the increasingly "restrictive environment" they face.
News and notes Researchers find that Simple English Wikipedia has "lost its focus"
In its September issue, the peer-reviewed journal First Monday published The readability of Wikipedia, reporting research which shows that the English Wikipedia is struggling to meet Flesch reading ease test criteria, while the Simple English Wikipedia has "lost its focus".
Technology report Developer divide wrangles; plus Wikimedia Zero, MediaWiki 1.20wmf4, and IPv6
Recent research Predicting admin elections; studying flagged revision debates; classifying editor interactions; and collecting the Wikipedia literature
Special report English Wikipedia to go dark on January 18
Recent research Psychiatrists: Wikipedia better than Britannica; spell-checking Wikipedia; Wikipedians smart but fun; structured biological data
Recent research WikiSym; predicting editor survival; drug information found lacking; RfAs and trust; Wikipedia's search engine ranking justified
Popular pages Article stats for the English Wikipedia in the last year
Recent research Article promotion by collaboration; deleted revisions; Wikipedia's use of open access; readers unimpressed by FAs; swine flu anxiety
Recent research Talk page interactions; Wikipedia at the Open Knowledge Conference; Summer of Research
News and notes ArbCom database theft; WikiLove to roll out on the English Wikipedia; brief news
News and notes More research on newbie editors; Baidu plagiarism; bin Laden coverage; brief news
In the news Anniversary coverage continues; Thai government translates Wikipedia; brief news
News and notes Most linked websites on Wikipedia, New York Wiki-Conference, and more
News and notes Mapping geotagged articles language, import sources enabled, and more
In the news ArbCom in the news, weak coverage of Italian firms, and more
In the news Wikipedia in the News
Interwiki report Report from the Simple English Wikipedia
1000 Administrators The English Wikipedia reaches 1,000 administrators
News and notes News and notes: Biographies of living persons, milestones
Thousandth FA English Wikipedia reaches 1,000 Featured Articles
News and notes News and notes: Wikimedia board resolutions, milestones
Millionth article English Wikipedia hits one million articles
News and notes News and notes: One million users, milestones
News and notes News and notes: 900,000 articles, milestones
Wikiportals Subject Wikiportals introduced to the English Wikipedia
Portal Wikipedia website changed to multilingual portal


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