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English Wikipedia reaches 1,000 administrators

Administrators, compared with the trends of articles, edits, and total users.

On 2 September, Wikipedia reached another important milestone when Angela promoted Xyrael (nom) to admin status. This marked the 1000th administrator on the English Wikipedia, a number which has doubled in little over a year (see chart, left). Xyrael was nominated for adminship by Petros471 and was supported by 54 Wikipedians.

Xyrael's promotion marked the 1000th administrator on the English Wikipedia, giving approximately[1] one administrator for every 1,345 articles and 2,157 registered users. Furthermore, there is one administrator for every 111 users who have made at least ten contributions, according to Erik Zachte's Wikipedia Statistics website, which was last updated using June 2006 statistics.

Nae'blis pointed out on the requests for adminship talk page that there are between 35 and 40 former administrators, so the English Wikipedia probably passed 1,000 administrators ever promoted sometime in mid-July. However, this is the first time that there have been 1,000 user accounts with admin access at the same time.

Upon his promotion, Xyrael said: "The fact that we've broken the barrier of one thousand sysops is far more exciting for the community than the promotion of myself. I'm happy to think that we've continued to develop the number of people who have the deep interest in Wikipedia that administrators do enough to reach this figure. Wikipedia is growing and changing every day and this is how it should be. We can always improve, and I hope that I live up to your expectations as an admin."

Administrator count on other Wikipedias

The Wikipedia with the second-highest admin count is the German Wikipedia, with 225 admins. Third and fourth place belongs to the French Wikipedia, with 109 admins, and the Polish Wikipedia, with 98 admins, respectively.

1000 ± 1

  1. Runcorn (nom), closed 31 August.
  2. Xyrael (nom), closed 2 September.
  3. Netsnipe (nom), closed 3 September.[2]
  4. Winhunter (nom), closed 4 September.[2]


  1. ^ Note that these statistics are only for 1,000 administrators. The number of current administrators (as of 14 June 2024) is 856. There is one administrator for every 7,985 articles and 55,541 registered users. As of June 2006, there is one administrator for every 130 users who have made at least ten contributions.
  2. ^ a b An emergency desysopping (see related article) of Everyking at 23:43 UTC 3 September (by the decision of the Arbitration Committee) left the administrator count at 1,000 again. Winhunter brought the count up to 1,001 a short time thereafter.
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