Arbitration report

Four open cases, Betacommand case deadlocked, Muhammad images close near

The Arbitration Committee opened no new cases this week, nor closed any, leaving four open. All information is as at the time of writing.

Open cases

Betacommand 3 (Week 11)

The Betacommand 3 case remained at the proposed decision phase this week. Originally the case was opened to address the multitude of sanctions in effect on the editor. None of the proposed remedies, ranging from site bans to editing restrictions, has garnered adequate support to pass.

Civility enforcement (Week 3)

This open case entered its third week. The case, which is one of the most active at present, was initially opened due to the actions of several administrators in relation to a user who was blocked over perceived incivility. Substantial activity took place in both the evidence and workshop pages, on which multiple users presented evidence and proposals. The current date set for the posting of a proposed decision has been extended to 29 January.

Muhammad images (Week 4)

The case was opened to address which depictions of Muhammad, if any, are appropriate to display in the respective articles, and has had substantial activity in its fourth week. Drafter AGK recently posted an outline of the proposed decision. In the outline, he noted several principles and findings of fact, as well as remedies that include discretionary sanctions, topic and/or site bans, as well as admonishments. The full proposed decision is expected to be posted over the next few days.

TimidGuy ban appeal (Week 5)

This open case continued into its fifth week. It was brought to the Committee by the editor to appeal their site ban that was imposed by Jimmy Wales. The expected proposed decision, as mentioned in previous Signpost coverage, is yet to be posted. Discussion has continued on the workshop and workshop talk pages over the past week.

Other requests and committee action


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