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In the news

Deletionists and inclusionists

Delete generation rips encyclopedia apart - The article presents the view that administrators are divided into deletionists and inclusionists, two diametrically opposed schools of thought about the inclusion of content into Wikipedia. The article reviews the deletionist and inclusionist arguments, and states that "notability debate has spread across the discussions like a rash". There is a focus on the deletion of stubs - in particular, the debate over Mzoli's - and how some Wikipedians have changed their ways, reflecting back on the "old times".

Wikipedia with slower growth

Wikipedia Showing Slower Growth? So What? - There has been interest in the move to San Francisco and the decline in Wikipedia activity over the last six months. However, as the title says so strikingly - so what? The author argues that Wikipedia eventually has to slow down, given its pattern of growth thus far, and sustaining the current growth indefinitely is not realistic. Wikipedia has achieved much in its time, and will remain useful despite this.

Beyond that, debate continues about Wikipedia not only slowing down, but whether its community is shrinking. Much of this is based on data from an analysis posted by Dragons flight, while others have contested whether drawing such conclusions is sensible.

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