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In the news

WikiScanner reveals juicy edits

Numerous articles, e.g. See Who's Editing Wikipedia - Diebold, the CIA, a Campaign, Wikipedia 'shows CIA page edits', Corporate editing of Wikipedia revealed: WikiScanner (see related story), a tool created by American hacker Virgil Griffith, caused a sensation when it was revealed, as it allows for anonymous edits to Wikipedia (for which the IP address is recorded) to be paired up with known IP addresses for various companies and other organisations. Government agencies, large multinational companies and political organisations are accused of making edits to Wikipedia that skew the content in their favour, either by removing or adjusting content in articles about them, or adding content to rivals' articles. WikiScanner can be found on Virgil's website.

Wikipedia talk pages worth reading

Forget the Articles, Best Wikipedia Read Is Its Discussions: The author of this piece has found that reading the discussion pages of Wikipedia articles is a "vastly rewarding, slightly addictive, experience". Apart from the housekeeping discussions, he notes the variety and depth of discussions about article content on Wikipedia's talk pages, where editors can collaborate on working on the article. He also notes that talk pages are often used to raise incidents of policy violations.

Mike Godwin interviewed

Defending Wikipedia's Impolite Side: This article talks about Mike Godwin as the general counsel of the Wikimedia Foundation, a role that he has undertaken since last month. The first staff lawyer for the Electronic Frontier Foundation, Godwin sees his role as laying the foundations for "massively democratic participatory media". In his work, he defends the Foundation from the plethora of legal traps that lie before it. He foresees a future where the online media is more mutable and changeable, and makes comments about those who seek to defame, and those who are defamed, on Wikipedia.

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