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News and notes

"The Wikipedia Story"

BBC presenter Clive Anderson will host a half-hour show about Wikipedia, entitled "The Wikipedia Story". The show, scheduled to air on Tuesday, July 24 at 11:30 a.m. British Summer Time (10:30 a.m. UTC) on BBC Radio 4, is described as "[asking] whether Wikipedia is a valuable source of human knowledge or a symptom of the spread of mediocrity." It includes interviews from Jimmy Wales, Larry Sanger, former Britannica editor-in-chief Robert McHenry, Web 2.0 critic Andrew Keen, and singer Mike Scott, who was involved in an edit war on his own article [1]. The show will be available on BBC Radio 4's website (RealAudio link) or available as a podcast (Radio 4 Choice podcast) for about a week after its original airing.

Visa ruling incorrectly mentions Wikipedia

A Federal Magistrates' Court of Australia ruling that overturned the denial of a visa to an Armenian citizen repeatedly mentions Wikipedia, in an apparent misunderstanding:

21. It should be noted that the reference to the web site (the web site) is taken to be a reference to what I understand the parties to accept is a linked web site to the web site known as "Wikipedia".

The court appeared to have assumed that was the same as, or related to, Wikipedia; some of the court's individual findings are questions about the reliability of Wikipedia, not Armeniapedia.


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I wonder if that Australian Federal Court stuff-up would be enough grounds for one party to go to appeal? - Ta bu shi da yu 08:06, 24 July 2007 (UTC)[reply]

RealAudio link

I had some issues opening the .ram file with VLC media player, however if you select file/open network stream and use the following it plays fine: rtsp:// JACOPLANE • 2007-07-24 17:26


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