News and notes

News and notes

Wikipedia officially a top ten site, according to Alexa

For the first time, Wikipedia has become a top ten-ranked website over a three-month period, according to Wikipedia has in recent months hovered around the daily rank of 9 during the week, and 10 or 11 on weekends, but Wikipedia remained at a three-month rank of 11 until this week.

Version 0.5

Version 0.5, a DVD release of 1,964 Wikipedia articles, will be released this week at The release date has been pushed back, most recently due to an issue involving a banking system; its current release date is scheduled for Tuesday, 3 April.

Checkuser access

The Arbitration Committee put up a page last week inviting contributors to apply for checkuser access. In three days, 44 people expressed interest, but the page was shut down again with the comment, "The Arbitration Committee has concluded that this is the wrong approach to finding checkuser candidates."

Attribution vote

The possible merger of the Verifiability and No original research policies into Wikipedia:Attribution is the subject of a one-week poll scheduled to end 6 April.

Community enforceable mediation

An experimental dispute resolution process called community enforceable mediation, which would allow established editors involved in disputes to agree to enforceable remedies in mediation, has started a 90-day trial period.

The number of featured articles showed a record increase in the month of March, with a net gain of 70 articles (88 were selected and 18 removed). The last two months have reversed, at least temporarily, the steady decline in featured articles as a proportion of the total number of articles. Although at one point more than 1 in 1000 articles was featured, the ratio is currently well below that threshold, partly because increasing standards mean that older selections no longer satisfy the criteria and may be removed after a review process.


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