News and notes

News and notes

Elections to conclude this week

Voting for the elections for the Board of Trustees will end this week at 23:59, Thursday, 21 September. As of press time, over 2,000 Wikimedians had voted already to determine which one of the 17 candidates will fulfill the rest of current Board member Angela Beesley's term. The results of the election will be announced in the weeks following the election.

Bidding for Wikimania 2007 advances

Bidding for Wikimania 2007 advanced this week as the jury, comprised primarily of the Board of Trustees and members of Wikimania 2006's organization team, selected four cities for the "shortlist" of candidate cities. The cities - Alexandria, Taipei, London, and Torino - advanced from an initial stage of eight cities bidding. After a general meeting Saturday, September 23 in #wikimania, the winning city will be announced the following day.

Developer Tim Starling hospitalized

Tim Starling, a Wikimedia system administrator and developer, was hospitalized in St. Vincent's Hospital in Melbourne after undergoing surgery to clear a bowel obstruction (first misdiagnosed as gastroenteritis). Angela reports that Tim is expected to stay for another week, and might take up to six weeks before he's 100%. A get well card is available for those wishing to send a personal message to Tim.

Polish Wikipedia celebrates fifth anniversary

The Polish Wikipedia, which is the fourth largest language version, was created on September 26, 2001. It has always been in the lead of numerous language versions and now it boasts 300,000 articles. A DVD release is in the works and soon to be revealed are plans of enhanced credibility.

To mark the fifth anniversary Wikimedia Polska in cooperation with Creative Commons Poland are organizing an open event that will take place in Warsaw on September 23, 2006. Wikipedia founder Jimbo Wales will be among the invited guests. After the main part of the event that will include a Creative Commons discussion panel the participants will celebrate the anniversary at the Wikipedia Birthday Party. Contact: Wikimedia Polska and PR/spokesman.

September 11 Wiki locked

This week, developer and Chief Technical Officer Brion Vibber locked the September 11 Wiki, a project designed to memorialize the victims of the September 11, 2001 attacks, to prevent editing. The move follows months of discussion, with most people urging that the site either be closed or locked due to inactivity and the potential for vandals and spammers.


A request for squatted Wikimedia domains continued this week. Cybersquatting is a practice of registering website domain names similar to exisiting sites for the purpose of profiteering with bad faith. It is unclear what actions, if any, the Wikimedia Foundation will take regarding those domains.


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There will be a phase in the logo finding provess (from 22 to 30 September) during which new variants of the winning logos can be submitted, or existing designs can be refined. Should be mentioned, perhaps? —Nightstallion (?) 06:05, 19 September 2006 (UTC)Reply[reply]


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