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ABC News plagiarizes Wikipedia?

First reported by blogger Christopher Blizzard, an article on ABC News online appears to have lifted a sentence from Wikipedia article Parasitic twin. An entry on the phenomenon of Fetus in fetu, a rare form of a parasitic twin, was submitted by Emperorbma in April 2004. The ABC News article from 23 August, 2006 appears to borrow a sentence nearly word-for-word from the article. The claim is discussed in more detail on Talk:Parasitic twin.

Media covers experimental German editing procedure

A feature to, by default, withhold displaying edits until the edits have been checked by a "trusted user", is set to be enabled on the German Wikipedia (see for details Wikipedia:German page approval solution). Stories were published about the plan in the following publications:

The BBC News piece pointed out that the policy, if implemented generally, could have an adverse effect on the way users perceive Wikipedia. In response to another user pointing out inaccuracies in the article, Jimbo Wales commented: "The journalist is typical of bad journalists. Running with only the slimmest of understanding, he pukes out his biases about how the world works with little concern for underlying facts." The article has now (8/29) been updated by the author with responses to criticism of the article. He has also blogged about the way that the issue was addressed by the Wikipedia community

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Word count is much better than "a sentence" when discussing plagarism. AnAccount2 06:01, 1 September 2006 (UTC)[reply]


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