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The Wikipedia Signpost
The Wikipedia Signpost

This week, the Signpost lists the discussions that took place at Wikimania 2006.

Wikimaniacs just finished three days of intense and joyful collaboration and discussion, including a day of discussing citizen journalism on Monday and a few scattered Wikimedia Foundation meetings. Please browse the full program and proceedings, and leave notes for the presenters and poster creators where possible -- discussions begun at Wikimania were in many cases only the beginning.

The proceedings, and an alpha-by-author list of all entries, can be found on the Wikimania site. The schedule is reproduced below in full.

Friday, August 4

Time Session - Ames Session Session Session Discussions Workshops Open space
9:00–10:15 Welcome and Jimbo Wales plenary
10:15–10:45 Break, open space introduction
10:45–noon Session 1

Benjamin Mako Hill: Toward a definition of freedom

A conversation with Ward Cunningham

Judith Donath (invited speaker): anonymity and the wiki

Cathy Ma: Trust and Wikipedia

Derek Lackaff and Alexander Halavis: Sins of omission? An exploratory evaluation of Wikipedia's topical coverage

Jim Giles: Comparing Wikipedia and Britannica: The story behind Nature's encyclopaedia story

Chris Messina: All the world's a wiki: how Barcamp was planned in 6 days using a wiki, IM, IRC, blogs and word of mouth

Alexis Rondeau and Stan Wiechers: - The physical Wikipedia (workshop)

Copyright basis and Wikipedia: A workshop

Betsy Megas: Wiktionary: Nuts and bolts, bells and whistles

12:00–1:30p Lunch (Ropes Gray) breakout bofs and lightning talks; press conference
1:30–2:15p Plenary: Lawrence Lessig -- The Ethics of the Free Culture Movement (Ames) Audio and Video
2:15–2:30p Break
2:30–3:30p Session 2

Eben Moglen: Document Licenses and the Future of Free Culture

Wikipedia and social roles:
♦ Adriana Amaral - Subcultures and Wikipedia
♦ Daniel Caeton: Perpetual negotiation machine
♦ Panagiota Alevizou: Encyclopedia or cosmopedia?

♦ Elijah Meeks: Criticism of Wikipedia
♦ Martin Walker: Wikipedia 1.0

Lodewijk Gelauff: Localization, on a global project BoF

Rob Lanphier: Enterprise MediaWiki BoF

Jessica Baumgart and Gary Price: Tips for conducting research and evaluating information

3:30–4:00p Afternoon break
4:00–5:15p Session 3 BoFs

Section 230: At the Gates between Liability for Harmful Speech and Wikipedia (panel)

Wiki projects:
♦ Jack Herrick: How to transition from a static content site to a wiki: The wikiHow experience
♦ Evan Prodromou: Wiki and open content travel guides: past, present, future
♦ Chris Bronk: Diplopedia: Application of the Wiki Model for Collaborative Drafting in Foreign Affairs

Wikipedia and the Semantic Web (panel)

Jessica Baumgart and Gary Price: Tips for conducting research and evaluating information, cont.

Finne Boonen: Fighting vandalism with Vandalfighter (workshop)

Martin Walker, Paul Kobasa: Validation on Wikipedia: How do I know this article is accurate? (panel discussion)

Lightning talks #1

5:15–5:30p Break
5:30–7:00p(?) Ropes Gray: Wrap-up (summary of day's sessions); Poster reception

Saturday, August 5

Time Session - Ames Session - Pound 101 Session - Pound 102 Session - Pound 100 Discussions - Pound 335 Workshops - Pound 107 Open space
9:00–9:15 Welcome, daily announcements and overview
9:15–9:30 Break
9:30–11:00 Session 4 Views on collaboration:

Yochai Benkler: The Wealth of Networks: How Social Production Transforms Markets and Freedom (invited speaker)
Rishab Ghosh: 200 years of collaborative ownership: from open source steam engines to free genetics, Linux and Wikipedia (invited speaker)

What can Wikipedia learn from Open Source Software Development? (panel discussion)

Wikis in Education: Wiki uses in learning and teaching (panel)

Wikis in libraries: Wikis: Enabling library knowledgebases (panel)

Laurence Parry: A Tale of Two Wikis: Techniques for building, managing and promoting collaborative communities

Angela Beesley: Cross-wiki policy and features discussion

Wikisource workshop: editorial choices

11:00–11:30 Break
11:30–12:30p Plenary: Brewster Kahle - Universal Access to All Knowledge (Ames) (Video)
12:30–2:00p Lunch (Ropes Gray)

j Baumgart: Librarianesque birds of a feather session, Pound 200;

Kat Walsh: OTRS discussion session

(Pound 335)

2:00–3:30p Session 5

Michael Eisen (invited speaker): Open academic publishing

Jenny Preece (invited speaker):Community, Social Interaction and Wikipedia

♦ Betsy Megas: Defining WiktionaryZ
♦ Erik Moeller: Wikidata: Creating the structured wiki

Wikis in Education:
♦ Piotr Konieczny: Wikimedia projects as a teaching tool
♦ Jan-Bart Devreede: The use of wikis and Wikipedia in Dutch Education
♦ Salvor Gissurardottir: Wikibooks, webquests and Wikipedia

Wikipedia community dynamics:
♦ Alex Schenck: Observations From The Bridge: Why Wikipedia Is So Attractive
♦ Seth Anthony: Contribution patterns among active Wikipedians
♦ Srinivas Gunta: Role of trust in an open system - The process of RfAs

Language and cultural barriers and challenges to Wikipedia (discussion)

Kasper Souren: The Wiki Party bof, a political party based on wiki
Olin panel: Creating a wiki-like college

Lightning talks #2

3:30–4:00p Afternoon break
4:00–5:30p Session 6

Karen Christensen, Paul Gazzolo, Erin McKean (invited speakers): Publishing dead-trees encyclopedias

Technical infrastructure:
Brion Vibber: What's cooking in MediaWiki: Single sign-on, version tagging, and other goodies

Hacking days review

A Q&A session with the English Wikipedia Arbitration Committee (panel)

Technical Infrastructure:
♦ Christoph Sauer: What you see is wiki - Questioning WYSIWYG in the internet age
♦ Darniet Jennings: Why WYSIWIKI?
♦ Chris Luer: Disambiguation: the key to information architecture?

Wikis and the news:
♦ Wikinews discussion
♦ Dan Gillmor - citizen journalism BoF

Wikis in Education Discussion: Free the curriculum: Supporting educators with open content (discussion)

5:30–5:45p Break
5:45–6:00p Daily wrapup, session summary
Saturday evening outside activities, attendee party

Sunday, August 6

Time Session - Ames Session - Pound 101 Session - Pound 102 Session - Pound 100 Discussions - Pound 335 Workshops - Pound 107 Open space
9:00–9:15 Welcome, daily announcements and overview (Ropes Gray)
9:15–9:30 Break
9:30–11:00 Session 7

Mitch Kapor: I'd Like to Have an Argument: Inspiration from the Wikipedia about Collaborative Advocacy and Politics (archive recordings)

Florence Devouard: Wikimedia Foundation: building in diversity (archive recordings)

Wikis in enterprises:

Organizational uses of wiki technology (panel)

Technical infrastructure:
♦ Silvan Reinhold: Using wiki systems as information back-ends for e-learning applications
♦ Paul Sponagl: Device independent access to Wikipedia
♦ Kasper Souren: Wikipedia on the Nokia 770

Research and data visualization:
Research about Wikimedia: A workshop

Semantic wiki:
Using Wikipedia’s knowledge in your applications (workshop)

11:00–11:30 Break
11:30–12:30p Plenary: Wikimedia Foundation Board Panel (Ames) (archive recordings)
12:30–2:00p Lunch (Ropes Gray) Future of Wikimedia discussion
2:00–3:15p Session 8

Fernanda Viegas, Martin Wattenberg, Ben Shneiderman: Can Visualization help? (panel)

International projects:
♦ Benjamin Martin: Huru na Bure: Swahili collaboration and the future of African languages on the web
♦ Kasper Souren: The Bambara Wikipedia, one year later
♦ Roland Burger: Wikivoices - Culture and Language

Betsy Devine: Schrödinger's Wiki: The quantum challenge of media attention

Joe Reagle: Is the Wikipedia Neutral?

Gerard Meijssen: Differentiation of authentication regimes to prevent more vandalism

Piotr Gawrysiak: Plans not Maps! Wikiplan – a Collaborative Geographical Map Building System

Kelly Martin: Consensus as a governing principle: Does consensus scale? BoF

Wikimedia legal issues discussion

Lightning talks #3
3:15–3:30p Break
3:30–4:15p Ropes Gray: David Weinberger: What's happening to knowledge? (Archive recordings)
4:15–4:30p Break
4:30–5:30p Ropes Gray: Wrap-up, closing gala & ceremony (Archive recordings)
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