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In the news

Wikimania continued to prompt advance coverage from the media. The Detroit Free Press characterized the goal of the conference as "A more consistent—but still cool—site". Interviewed for the article were two local contributors, Michael Karazim and Larry Kestenbaum, who discussed using Wikipedia as a reference and dealing with vandalism. The paper also pulled factoids from various Wikipedia entries related to Michigan. Observing that relying on paid editors could not have kept up with the pace of change under the Wikipedia model, Kestenbaum commented, "It's still impossible. But it's less impossible."

In New Hampshire, the Nashua Telegraph ran a column on Wednesday by reporter David Brooks (who is also a Wikipedia editor, one of the first in the state). Starting with a discussion of the paradoxical Wikipedia:Ignore all rules, he covered the debate over Wikipedia quality, balancing its growth and success against various points of failure.

Wales to upgrade quality of Wiki

Many reports (here PCWorld, here covered the announcement by Jimmy Wales at Wikimania that the English Wikipedia would focus on quality of articles over the next year rather than quantity, as the English Wikipedia is nearing 1.3 million articles. He also said he would be building a more formal advisory board, to help control Wikipedia's article quality issues.

Wales also said that he is keen to upgrade Wikipedia's humanities coverage, which will be upgraded by good quality art editors.

Wikipedia watching Shays and other rep. articles

The United States House of Representatives IP was temporarily banned from editing Wikipedia after it was determined that some edits to the article on U.S. Representative Christopher Shays had been subjected to vandalism.

According to Wikinews report on 2 February, "all mention" of the Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act by Shays and Rep. Marty Meehan and a paragraph about Shays raising $70,000 with House Speaker Dennis Hastert at a country club event had been removed. Consequently, the House IP address was blocked from the site for eight hours on 1 February.

A spokeswoman said the information was put back on Wikipedia later, and Shays told staff not to alter his biography. Wikipedia spokesman Wayne Saewyc said that editors are currently watching the articles for any more cases of vandalism.

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Wales to upgrade quality of Wiki

Yes, this shall be the best thing to happne to make us theBest. --Bhadani 15:19, 9 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]

However, it will require a new approach to our functioning. We will have to create a better order of hierarchy to manage and deliver this dream. --Bhadani 15:32, 9 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]
Is he going to upgrade them all by himself? Lapinmies 04:08, 23 August 2006 (UTC)[reply]


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