Features and admins

Features and admins


Eight users were granted admin status last week: Srikeit (nom), Kylu (nom), Edgar181 (nom), LiquidGhoul (nom), Arthur Rubin (nom), Misza13 (nom), Grendelkhan (nom) and Sean Black (nom). Sean Black had previously been an administrator, but resigned in June due to stress.

Featured content

Fifteen articles were featured last week: Ubuntu (Linux distribution) (nom), Talbot Tagora (nom), Hurricane Irene (1999) (nom), Night of the Living Dead (nom), Aleksandr Vasilevsky (nom), Duke University (nom), Libya (nom), Baden-Powell House (nom), Hasekura Tsunenaga (nom), Sequence alignment (nom), Boy Scouts of America membership controversies (nom), Tyrannosaurus (nom), IG Farben Building (nom), P. K. van der Byl (nom) and Hurricane Esther (1961) (nom).

Five articles that were de-featured last week: Coca-Cola, Vanilla Ninja, Linus Pauling, Volkswagen Type 2 and United States Electoral College.

Two lists reached featured list status last week: Super 12 Champions and FBI Ten Most Wanted Fugitives.

The following featured articles were displayed last week on the main page as Today's featured article: F-35 Lightning II, Cape Town, Final Fantasy X, Enceladus (moon), National Anthem of Russia, Cryptography and "Read my lips: no new taxes".

These were the pictures of the day last week: Nepenthes rafflesiana, Extra-vehicular activity, Dietes grandiflora, Another Place, Dinner Plain, Grand Teton National Park and Leadenhall Market.

Two pictures reached featured picture status last week:

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