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Election officials named to handle vote for board seat

Some progress was made last week in setting up the election of a replacement for Angela Beesley on the Wikimedia Foundation's Board of Trustees. The board appointed three election officials who will plan and administer the election process. More information about the election itself, scheduled to start 1 September, will hopefully be available this week.

In a resolution passed on Thursday, 20 July, the Board of Trustees named Essjay, Datrio, and Aphaia as members of an election commission. The commission is to consist of two "Inspectors of the Election", a position provided for in the Foundation's bylaws, and additional assistant election officials. Datrio and Essjay have been designated as the election inspectors, while Aphaia will serve as an assistant election official. Both Datrio and Aphaia filled their respective roles for the previous election as well.

It is still not clear whether the election will only be for Beesley's replacement, or if additional positions might also be created. The board's latest resolution simply stated "one or more seats", and the board members are currently discussing how many positions will be voted upon.

The election inspectors indicated that additional details, including information on how to sign up as a candidate, would be forthcoming in a few days. They anticipate that the process will generally be similar to last year's board election. People who can help with translating election information into other languages are needed and can sign up on the Meta coordination site.

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