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In the news

Political troubles again

The press has discovered another politician whose career problems are being detailed in Wikipedia. This time it's San Jose mayor Ron Gonzales, as reported by the San Jose Mercury News, "On Wikipedia, someone's adding mayor's troubles to his profile".

Columnist complains of lost article

Linda Knapp of the Seattle Times, who recently wrote a review of Wikipedia (see archived story), followed up with an article based on responses to her column. She discussed the use of Wikipedia in schools and the Nature-Britannica dispute. Knapp also mentioned her efforts to submit an article on Photoshop Elements 4.0, based on another of her columns, but it "disappeared" into a redirect to Adobe Photoshop Elements.

On the radio

Wikipedia was discussed again by the radio program Open Source, as part of its show on The Limits of Crowds. Prompted by Jaron Lanier's recent essay about "online collectivism", it featured a discussion with Lanier along with other guests including James Surowiecki, Ze Frank, and David Weinberger.

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Self-published author Sam Vaknin wrote "The Six Sins of the Wikipedia" in Global Politician, his website, and dozens of other sites that distribute self-published content. Ta bu shi da yu wrote an extended rebuttal to Vaknin's points at User:Ta bu shi da yu/Global Politician. Ta bu shi da yu also deleted the Wikipedia article on Vaknin, which had been recreated after an earlier deletion.


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