From the editor

From the editor

The Signpost will be interviewing Jimmy Wales this Wednesday at 15:00 UTC in the IRC channel #wikipedia-signpost. This interview will be moderated to ensure that everyone's questions get a shot at being answered; however, readers are welcome to join us and watch the interview unfold.

We're still accepting questions for Jimbo here, until late Tuesday night. Anonymous submissions will also be accepted at the Signpost's e-mail address ( From these questions we will pick the best to submit to Jimbo.

As stated last week, Wikinews has expressed an interest in being involved in this interview, so in order to allow the usage of this interview on both projects, all questions submitted must be dual-licensed under both the GNU Free Documentation License and the Creative Commons Attribution 2.5 license.

As always, thank you for continuing to read the Signpost.


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Will the script of the chat be posted? -Ravedave 01:55, 18 February 2006 (UTC)[reply]


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