Arbitration report

The Report On Lengthy Litigation

The Arbitration Committee closed eight cases this week, tying a record set last November.

Robert I

A case against Robert I was closed on Tuesday. As a result, Robert I was banned pending the resolution of all legal disputes. When and if this ban is lifted, Robert I is subject to probation, a one-year ban from any articles relating to Gregory Lauder-Frost, and a requirement to use only one account. Robert I had been accused of POV editing on Gregory Lauder-Frost, and legal threats and other comments were made, purporting to be from Lauder-Frost, that were likely made by Robert I.


A case against Copperchair was closed on Wednesday. As a result, Copperchair has been indefinitely banned from all articles relating to Star Wars and the War on Terrorism, and placed on indefinite probation. Copperchair was accused of carrying "fixed, non-negotiable views" about the above articles, and had edit-warred on them.


A case against Johnski was closed on Thursday. As a result, Dominion of Melchizedek and related articles have been semi-protected (with the ability to unprotect if administrators deem it acceptable to do so). Johnski and assorted IP sockpuppets had been accused of being linked with the micronation, and had edit-warred on the page.

Winter Soldier

A case against editors on Winter Soldier Investigation was closed on Friday. As a result, TDC and an anonymous editor in the IP range have been banned from editing Winter Soldier Investigation for one year. Additionally, if either party wishes to appeal the ban, they can do so after three months. Both editors edit-warred on the article, resulting in numerous three-revert rule blocks and page protections.


A case against Xed was closed on Saturday. As a result, Xed has been reminded to avoid personal attacks, and warned about citing "unreliable sources". Viriditas was also commended for his work in dealing with Xed. Xed, who was the defendant in a prior case, returned after a three month ban, and remains on personal attack parole.

Neuro-linguistic programming

A case against editors on Neuro-linguistic programming was closed on Monday. As a result, a form of probation was enacted on the subject, whereby any administrator can ban any user from Neuro-linguistic programming and its related articles. The article will also be placed under mentorship, with mentors to be named later. Editors Comaze, HeadleyDown, JPLogan, Camridge, DaveRight, and AliceDeGrey have also been required to discuss any reversions on article talk pages, and have been reminded regarding NPOV and adequate sourcing.

Benjamin Gatti

A case against Benjamin Gatti was closed on Monday. As a result, Benjamin Gatti has been placed on probation for one year and indefinitely on general probation. Benjamin Gatti was accused of editing with an aggressive anti-nuclear POV, disruption, failing to assume good faith, and Wikilawyering.


A case against Deeceevoice was closed on Monday. As a result, Deeceevoice was placed on probation, and on personal attack parole, and has been prohibited from "using her user page to publish offensive rants." Deeceevoice was also counseled to assume good faith and reminded of the need to follow Wikipedia policies. Friday and Jim Apple were also cautioned to avoid suggesting that other users leave the project. Deeceevoice had been accused of incivility, making personal attacks, and editing with a strong point of view.

Other cases

A case was accepted this week involving a wheel war on Template:User pedophile (see related story.) It is in the voting phase.

Another case was accepted this week involving Theodore7 (user page). It is in the evidence phase.

Additional cases involving users IronDuke and Gnetwerker, Zeq (user page), Leyasu (user page), Instantnood (user page), Boothy443 (user page), Dyslexic agnostic (user page), Tommstein (user page), and VeryVerily (user page) are in the Evidence phase.

Cases involving KDRGibby (user page), editors on WebEx and Min Zhu, editors on Rajput, Freestylefrappe (user page), users RJII and Firebug, Sortan (user page), Carl Hewitt (user page), and Reddi (user page) are in the voting phase.

Motions to close are on the table in cases involving Ruy Lopez (user page), Beckjord (user page), and EffK (user page).

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