News and notes

News and notes

Jimbo Wales makes personal appeal for donations

The Wikimedia Foundation fundraising drive, which began last week, continued this week. It will last until 6 January. As of January 05, 2006, nearly US$341,610.09 had been raised, although falling short of the wished for US$500,000 Wikimedia CFO Daniel Mayer had expressed. With donations fewer than expected, Jimbo Wales made a personal appeal for donations, urging people to "consider a generous donation to the Wikimedia Foundation... to take back the world."

Steward election continues

The steward elections continue this week. The vote runs until January 10.

Userboxes spark controversy

The role of userboxes, popular colored rectangles placed in user pages, ignited controversy this week. After Kelly Martin started deleting userboxes deemed controversial, offensive, or containing fair use images, a request for comments was filed against her. Several users defended her actions, while others sharply criticized her. Two other RfCs were also submitted relating to the deletion of userboxes. A request for arbitration was also filed later in the week.

The RfCs also generated discussion on the userboxes, with Wikipedians arguing both for and against their use. A policy page was created for drafting new policy regarding userboxes. In addition, issues pertaining to the use of fair-use images on the boxes and boxes that could be interpreted as offensive were being discussed.

Linking to dates questioned

This week, the guideline at the Manual of Style regarding the linking of years and dates was brought into question, generating debate. The discussion started with the mass de-linking of years by Bobblewik using the AutoWikiBrowser; in addition, Bobblewik requested permission for a bot to do the work. Discussion was started about whether the guideline should be changed, with several editors arguing that the linking of dates was good, while others argued that the linking of dates was inappropriate. Bobblewik was blocked at first for the rapid de-linking of dates with the AutoWikiBrowser under suspicion of using a bot; however, it was later clarified that no bot had been used (the AutoWikiBrowser requires that the user manually verify each edit).

The proposed bot did not gain consensus, while attempts to change the Manual of Style resulted in heated debate. Also, Bluemoose, who created the AutoWikiBrowser, deleted his work after he apparently left Wikipedia.

Wikipedia "micronation" formed

A micronation of Wikipedia was formed this week. Formed by Cctoide, CuBiXcRaYfIsH, and Talrias, Tirben was created on Friday.

Esperanza concludes election

Esperanza concluded its elections this week. Celestianpower was chosen Administrator General, while FireFox, Karmafist, and Titoxd were elected part of the advisory council.


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Shouldn't there be a mention of the likely problem, ie that the drive got put back and back until it fell smack across the Christmas period? Calsicol 18:27, 4 January 2006 (UTC) There is two Chinese Wiktionaries in the list ![reply]


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