Arbitration report

The Report On Lengthy Litigation

The Arbitration Committee closed one case this week, against Instantnood, SchmuckyTheCat, and Huaiwei.


A case brought against Instantnood was closed on Sunday. As a result, Instantnood and two other users, Huaiwei and SchmuckyTheCat were all placed on probation for one year in regard to China-related articles. The three had been accused of edit warring over the correct naming of China, particularly in relation to Hong Kong and Taiwan. The case is a continuation of a prior case, which was closed without action.

Other cases

Cases were accepted this week against Ed Poor (user page), Carl Hewitt (user page), voters on webcomics AFDs, and Reddi (user page). All are in the evidence phase.

Other cases against EffK (user page), AndriyK (user page), editors on climate change-related articles, numerous editors on Neuro-linguistic programming, Johnski (user page), a series of editors on Winter Soldier, Xed (user page), and Copperchair (user page) are in the evidence phase.

Cases against editors Ted Wilkes, numerous editors on Ted Kennedy, Wyss, and Onefortyone, numerous editors on Political Research Associates, Pigsonthewing (user page), Rangerdude (user page), and Ultramarine are in the voting phase.

A motion to close is on the table in the case against Rex071404 (user page).

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==EffK is forced to Abandon a Corrupted Wikipedia==

I refer you to my response of a few moments ago at 15 December [[1]],

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