News and notes

News and notes

Swiss Wikipedia meeting

Swiss Wikipedians met in Zurich on Sunday, 13 November, to discuss the possibility of starting a local chapter for Switzerland affiliated with the Wikimedia Foundation. They plan to establish their organization with bylaws adapted from the German Wikipedia chapter. A summary of the meeting highlights some of the topics that were discussed.

Wiktionary reaches 100,000 articles

On 8 November 2005, the English Wiktionary reached another milestone, surpassing the 100,000 article mark. It is the 11th wiki to do this, and the 10th within Wikimedia. The next biggest Wiktionary, the Italian Wiktionary currently has almost 40,000 entries. The 100,000th word to be added was colposcope, and was added by SemperBlotto.

Other meetups

Since Wikimedia Board member Angela Beesley is traveling to Australia for the X|Media|Lab conference, meetups have been scheduled for two locations in the coming weeks. The first will be in Sydney on Sunday, 20 November, and the second in Melbourne on Tuesday, 29 November.

Meanwhile, plans are being made for another meetup for users in the Pacific Northwest region. The meetup will be held in Seattle, which would be the third in that city. It will most likely be held in January. There are also plans for meetups in Tampa (January 14th) and Washington DC (late January)


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