Features and admins

Features and admins

9 users became admins and 1 was promoted to bureaucrat this week. Meanwhile 10 articles gained featured status.


Two requests for bureaucratship came to a close this week. Linuxbeak's nomination was unsuccessful, ending with 22 support votes, 13 oppose votes and 10 users remaining neutral. Many of the opposing and neutral voters cited his lack of time on Wikipedia as a reason. Nichalp was promoted with 46 support votes, 4 oppose votes and 3 neutrals.


Nine users were granted admin status this week - Phroziac (nom), Ulayiti (nom), Joolz (nom), Splash (nom), JIP (nom), Angr (nom), Ral315 (nom), Cedar-Guardian (nom) and Nickptar (nom).

Featured content

Ten articles were featured this week - Ann Arbor, Michigan, Black Seminoles, History of Alaska, Pan American World Airways, Thunderball, Makuria, Formula One, KaDee Strickland, BBC television drama and Swedish allotment system. After the non promotion of the controversial Terri Schiavo article (currently protected) the discussions over its suitability for featured status and possible conflicts of interest continue on the featured article candidates talk page. Meanwhile the ever divisive Gay Nigger Association of America (nom) article is facing several objections, as well as objections to the objections.

There were 9 new featured pictures this week.

There were no new featured lists this week.

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