Arbitration report

The Report On Lengthy Litigation

The Arbitration Committee closed one case this week, after two consecutive weeks without a closed case. Also, a case was accepted against Ed Poor.


A case against Gabrielsimon (now editing as Gavin the Chosen) was closed on 4 September. The result was that both of Gabrielsimon's accounts, and any more that he may create, were banned for a month; also, a provision gave administrators the ability to ban Gabrielsimon for up to a month if they, "based on his edits and behavior, identify him and feel an additional month's ban may aid him him in gaining maturity." This provision expires after any six months without being blocked. A one-revert-per-article and three-revert limit per day were also added.

Gabrielsimon was accused of immature behavior (one instance included the insert of an HTML comment onto an article, where the comment consisted only of the word "Fnord"), edit wars, POV editing, 3RR violations, and revert wars. Gabrielsimon also was criticized for his lack of proper spelling and grammar.

Ed Poor

A long running dispute over what critics say are "abuses of power" has gone to arbitration. The case, which originally started in the wake of Ed Poor's deletion of VfD (now AfD), has been taken up after another user, Fvw, offered to certify the basis for the RFArb (originally four users had done so, but three dropped their complaint after a conversation with Ed, leaving only UninvitedCompany as the sole initiator.)

Other cases

Cases against -Ril-, Stevertigo, Rainbowwarrior1977, and an IP dubbed DotSix are in the evidence phase.

A request against Ultramarine has garnered four votes, the bare minimum for a RFAr to be accepted.

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