Experimental deletion process 2

New "Experimental Deletion" process started

Kim Bruning created a new experimentation page on 18 August to go along with Wikipedia:Deletion reform, Wikipedia:Experimental Deletion

The process

The page welcomes proposals from anyone; the purpose is to host experiments on different ways to delete pages. Current experiments include page-blanking, page moves, and categorization. The experiment's main goal is to help users learn about Mediawiki, and what is currently possible on Mediawiki to help alleviate the VfD overload.

Kim Bruning said of the page, "XD is a central page from where to run experiments with deletion. A bit like an X-plane contest. You can actually try the experiments out in your normal day to day New pages or RC patrol. It's fun to play with them, and the experiments turn out to not be very disruptive at all, so there's no harm in using them!"

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