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In the media Propaganda and photos, lunatics and a lunar backup
Comic-con, Media summit, and a classic!
Technology report View it! A new tool for image discovery
The depths of Commons, at your fingertips. Or eyetips.
In the media Court orders user data in libel case, Saudi Wikipedia in the crosshairs, Larry Sanger at it again
Wikipedia's birthday, a cute dog, and nipplefruit.
Serendipity Wikipedia about FIFA World Cup 2022: quick, factual and critical
How Iranian press agencies help Wikipedia to reflect football in a better way.
From the archives Five, ten, and fifteen years ago
Photographers, Sandy Hook, the shocking use of Nazi symbols in articles about Nazis, and "You wouldn't recognise a fact if it bit you in the ass".
Obituary A tribute to Michael Gäbler
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
Essay The Six Million FP Man
Okay, six hundred, but either way, the bionic editor speaks.
CommonsComix Joker's trick
A toast to good health, a health to good hoax, a hoax to good toast.
Serendipity Removing watermarks, copyright signs and cigarettes from photos
Suggestion: promote removal of visible copyright signs of images under a CC-BY license.
Technology report Vector (2022) deployment discussions happening now
Plus, the Private Incident Reporting System, and new bots & user scripts!
Serendipity Two photos of every library on earth
One exterior, one interior.
Humour CommonsComix No. 1
Because the Signpost needs a cartoon.
From the archives 5, 10, and 15 years ago
The Signpost looks back on The Signpost: New reports, conceived in a spirit of collaboration, and dedicated to the proposition of information and, uh, more information for all.
Serendipity Don't cite Wikipedia
But Commons is a treasure trove.
Serendipity Those thieving image farms
Stopping them from taking your photos from Commons.
Serendipity Wikipedia loves photographs, but hates photographers
Why not just link to an article to attribute famous photographers?
Interview On a war and a map
How a war map predated Wikimedia's map of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
Gallery A voyage around the world with WLM winners
Wiki Loves Monuments 2021 winners announced
Technology report What does it take to upload a file?
How MediaWiki works with media files.
Serendipity How Wikipedia helped create a Serbian stamp
Details can make all the difference!
Community view Is writing Wikipedia like making a quilt?
Help us piece together WikiProject Craft!
In the media Boris and Joe, reliability, love, and money
Will he hang it in the Oval Office?
Recent research Quality of aquatic and anatomical articles
And other research publications
Recent research 10%–30% of Wikipedia’s contributors have subject-matter expertise
And other recent research results
Gallery Wiki Loves Monuments
2020 international winners
In the media Kalanick's nipples; Episode #138 of Drama on the Hill
The anatomy of Uber CEO Travis Kalanick's chest area has been the talk of the month. But so have high-profile edits, hacked articles, and one particular newborn growing up.
Op-ed Commons Picture of the Year; Wikidata licensing
Two for the price of one—do the popular Commons image contest and Wikidata licensing serve the community as well as they should?
Recent research OpenSym 2015 report; PageRank and wiki quality; news suggestions; the impact of open access
OpenSym 2015 report: A look at the research presented at the OpenSym 2015 conference.
Special report Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year 2014
The Wikipedia Commons annual Picture of the Year contest has concluded, with 6,698 people voting, its largest participation yet.
News and notes Institutional media uploads to Commons get a bit easier
Galleries, libraries, archives, and museums (GLAMs) today are facing fewer barriers to uploading their content onto Wikimedia projects now that the new GLAM-Wiki Toolset Project has been launched. The tool, which is the fruit of a collaboration between Europeana and several Wikimedia chapters, relieves GLAMs from having to write their own automated scripts and gives them a standardized method of uploading large amounts of their digitized holdings.
News and notes US National Archives enshrines Wikipedia in Open Government Plan, plans to upload all holdings to Commons
US National Archives enshrines Wikipedia in Open Government Plan: The US National Archives and Record Administration (NARA) have committed to engaging with Wikimedia projects in their newest Open Government Plan. The biannual effort is a roadmap for how the agency will accomplish its goals in the digital age.
News and notes Commons Picture of the Year—winners announced
Results for the two-stage 2013 Commons Picture of the Year have been announced. This year's winning photograph (above) shows a lightbulb that has been cracked, allowing inert gas to escape—and oxygen to enter, so that the tungsten filament burns. From the flames rise elegant curls of blue smoke.
Forum Wikimedia Commons mission: free media for the world or only Wikimedia projects?
Non-US editors and chapters have taken issue with a multitude of image deletions done on the Wikimedia Commons to comply with the Uruguay Round Agreements Act, a US law that brought the country into compliance with the Berne Convention.
News and notes Wikimedia chapters and communities challenge Commons' URAA policy
Following a trend started by Wikimedia Israel, Wikimedia Argentina has published an open letter challenging the recent deletion of hundreds of images from the Commons under its policy on URAA-restored copyrights, relating to the United States' 1994 Uruguay Round Agreements Act.
Op-ed Commons medical diagnostic images under threat from unresolved ownership
Medical images have transformed many aspects of modern medicine. Over the past two decades the increasing sophistication of MRI, CT-scanning, and X-ray techniques has made these technologies the cornerstone of diagnosing a range of conditions, replacing what used to be largely guesswork by doctors. They can be the difference between life and death for a patient, and their importance is underlined by the tens of billions of dollars spent on them annually just in North America. For Wikimedia Foundation projects, advanced images are now a powerful tool for describing and explaining, and educating our worldwide readership of medical articles.
In the media Daily Dot on Commons and porn; Jimmy Wales accused of breaking Wikipedia rules in hunt for Snowden
The Daily Dot has examined the perennial controversy over explicit or pornographic media on Commons. This latest salvo was touched off when Russavia uploaded a portrait of Jimmy Wales made by the artist Pricasso, who paints with his genitalia.
Op-ed Two responses to "The Tragedy of Wikipedia's Commons"
Two responses to the 'Tragedy of Wikipedia's Commons': Following last week's op-ed by Gigs ("The Tragedy of Wikipedia's Commons"), the Signpost is carrying two contrary opinions from MichaelMaggs, a bureaucrat on Wikimedia Commons, and Mattbuck, a British Commons administrator.
Op-ed The tragedy of Wikipedia's commons
I've long thought that we should get rid of the Wikimedia Commons as we know it. Commons has evolved into a project with interests that compete with the needs of the primary users of Commons and the reason it was created. It's also understaffed, which results in poor curation, large administrative backlogs, and poor policy development.
News and notes Launch of annual picture competition, new grant scheme
On January 16, voting for the first round of the 2012 Wikimedia Commons Picture of the Year contest will begin. Wikimedia editors with 75 edits or one project are eligible to vote to select their favorite image featured in 2012. ... On January 15, the foundation launched its latest grant scheme, called Individual Engagement Grants (IEG).
Op-ed A call for editorial input in developing new Creative Commons licensing
News and notes "Mystical" Picture of the Year; run-up to Wikimania DC; RfA reform 2012
News and notes Editors want most funding for technical areas, while widespread ignorance of WMF board elections and chapters persists; voting still live on Commons best picture
News and notes Update on Global Development, Wikipedia Day NYC is a success, JFK audio on Commons
Sister projects What are our sisters up to now?
News and notes WMF on the looming SOPA blackout, Wikipedia turns 11, and Commons passes 12 million files
News and notes Arabic Wikipedia gets video intros, Smithsonian gifts images, and WikiProject Conservatism scrutinized
News and notes Picture of the Year 2010; data challenge; brief news
In the news Russian president uploads to Wikimedia Commons; brief news
News and notes Picture of the Year voting begins; Internet culture covered in Sweden and consulted in Russia; brief news
News and notes Commons milestone; newbie contributions assessed; German community to decide on €200,000 budget; brief news
News and notes New General Counsel hired; reuse of Google Art Project debated; GLAM newsletter started; news in brief
Image donation Christmas gift to Commons from the State Library of Queensland
Technology report Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News
Technology report Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News
Technology report Video subtitling tool, staff vs. volunteer developers, brief news
Technology report Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News
News and notes Dutch National Archives donation, French photo raid, brief notes
Sister projects Picture of the Year results declared on Wikimedia Commons
In the news Commons pornography purge, and more
Commons deletions Porn madness
News and notes Berlin WikiConference, Brooklyn Museum & collaborations, review backlog removed, 1 billion edits
News and notes Commons at 6 million, BLP taskforce, milestones and more
Tropenmuseum Tropenmuseum donates 35,000 images
News and notes 35k donated, WikiProject for Wikipedia-Books, 2M rated articles, and more
News and notes Ant images, public outreach, and more
In the news IOC objects to Creative Commons license, Wikipedia at Yale, and more
News and notes Article Incubator, Wikipedians take Manhattan, new features in testing, and much more
News and notes Commons hits 5 million files, vandalism study, and more
Technology report Bugs, Repairs, and Internal Operational News
News and notes Commons grant, license change, new chapters, usability and more
News and notes Picture of the Year, Wikipedia's first logo, Board elections, and more
News and notes New program officer, survey results, and more
Dispatches Valued pictures
News and notes License update, Commons cartoons, films milestone, and more
News and notes Commons, conferences, and more
Commons Picture of the Year Picture of the Year 2008 begins voting
GFDL 1.3 GFDL 1.3 released, will allow Wikimedia migration to Creative Commons license
Pic of the year Commons Picture of the Year contest in final round
News and notes News and notes: Fundraiser ends, $500,000 donation, milestones
Two-million Commons Wikimedia Commons reaches two million media files
News and notes News and notes: Commons uploaders, Wikimania 2008/2009, milestones
CC 3.0 CC 3.0 licenses accepted on Commons
News and notes News and notes: Picture of the Year, milestones
News and notes News and notes: New arbitrators appointed, milestones
News and notes News and notes: Brief outage, milestones
News and notes News and notes: Picture of the Year, milestones
News and notes News and notes: More legal citations, milestones
One million uploads Wikimedia celebrates Commons milestone, plans fundraiser
CC compatibility Creative Commons floats move toward compatibility with GFDL
Image uploading New software for finding and uploading images
Commons donation 10,000 art images donated to Wikimedia Commons
CC-Wiki license Creative Commons unveils new license for wikis


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