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Disinformation report Imploded submersible outfit foiled trying to sing own praises on Wikipedia
A few editors who fought many times to keep advertisements out.
Disinformation report Sus socks support suits, seems systemic
Do important banks sock? Maybe – but don't grab your money and run just yet!
Op-Ed Estonian businessman and political donor brings lawsuit against head of national Wikimedia chapter
Isamaa party sponsor Parvel Pruunsild files claim in Tartu County Court against WMEE head Ivo Kruusamägi and Reform Party politicians.
In the media A few complaints and mild disagreements
Was Katherine Maher a former encyclopedia salesperson?
In the media Truth or consequences? A tough month for truth
But Annie Rauwerda is the real thing!
Opinion Criminals among us
Mass murderers, sex criminals, Ponzi schemers, insider traders, and business people.
In the media Censorship, medieval hoaxes, "pathetic supervillains", FB-WMF AI TL bid, dirty duchess deeds done dirt cheap
Real news or silly season?
In the media Editor given three-year sentence, big RfA makes news, Guy Standing takes it sitting down
Belarusian Mark Bernstein to serve 36 months of "home chemistry" for unapproved posting, Slate covers historically large adminship bid, UBI economist with goofy infobox caption thinks it's funny.
In the media Putin, Jimbo, Musk and more
A varied collection of "special operations", and interviews.
In the media The battlegrounds outside and inside Wikipedia
What's hot in the media this month.
Disinformation report The oligarchs' socks
For whom do the Bells toil?
Special report A presidential candidate's team takes on Wikipedia
Vive l'encyclopédie libre!
In the media Wiki-drama in the UK House of Commons
Plus, Wiki Unseen, the "Sports Wars", and much more.
In the media Denial: climate change, mass killings and pornography
Will they deny non-fungible tokens next?
Disinformation report Paid promotional paragraphs in German parliamentary pages
Did German Wikipedia love parliaments a little too much? Plus fake-bacon and a ponzi scheme.
In the media Fernando, governance, and rugby
Jimmy does OK too!
From the editor What else can we say?
What can we link to?
Disinformation report A "billionaire battle" on Wikipedia: Sex, lies, and video
Edits of the rich and famous.
Opinion How to make your factory's safety and labor issues disappear
Edit wars fought on the back of workers.
In the media Concealment, data journalism, a non-pig farmer, and some Bluetick Hounds
As 2020 draws to a close, this website has been splattered all over the headlines.
Special report Paid editing with political connections
WE charity and Justin Trudeau, Bell Pottinger, Russian and Ukrainian oligarchs.
In the media Dog days gone bad
Pandemic, politics, and possibly paid editing.
COI and paid editing Some strange people edit Wikipedia for money
And thanks for the photo, Ghislaine!
Opinion Trying to find COI or paid editors? Just read the news
A scientific scandal and the Renaldo of investment banking.
Essay Wikipedia:An article about yourself isn't necessarily a good thing
And it could get worse!
In the media Turkey's back up, but what's happening with Dot-org and a new visual identity?
Plus politics and other oddities.
From the editors Picture that
The North Face sneaks in advertisements, apologizes after being caught
From the archives FORUM:Should Wikimedia modify its terms of use to require disclosure?
A debate from 5 years ago on whether we should change the terms of use to prohibit undisclosed paid editing
In the media Blackouts in Europe, Wikipedia and capitalists, WMF Jet Set
Blackouts in Europe; Wikipedia and capitalists; WMF Jet Set: One secret cabal that watches out for conspiracy theories, and another one out to stymie venture capitalists?
Special report Massive paid editing network unearthed on the English Wikipedia
Nearly 400 accounts blocked in largest paid-editing bust ever.
In the media Paid editing; traffic drop; Nicki Minaj
The Atlantic discusses "The Covert World of People Trying to Edit Wikipedia—for Pay".
Forum Community voices on paid editing
The community speaks out on paid editing.
Op-ed On paid editing and advocacy: when the Bright Line fails to shine, and what we can do about it
"How long will this take?" This is one of the first questions new clients ask. They come to us because the Wikipedia entry about the company at which they work is wrong, incomplete, or even just outdated. The answer varies ...
In the media Turkish Wikipedia censorship; "Can Wikipedia survive?"; PR editing
The Hürriyet Daily News reports that the Turkish Wikipedia has posted banners on the top of the encyclopedia to warn users that a number of articles are being blocked by the Turkish government.
News and notes Questions raised over WMF partnership with research firm
A report from the external research firm Lafayette Practice has declared that the Wikimedia Foundation is the "largest known participatory grantmaking fund." Several concerns have been raised with the report, the phrase being used (participatory grantmaking), the now-former Wikipedia article on that phrase, and an alleged conflict of interest by WMF staff members.
News and notes With paid advocacy in its sights, the Wikimedia Foundation amends their terms of use
The Wikimedia Foundation has amended its terms of use to ban editing for pay without disclosing an employer or affiliation on any of its websites. The broad scope of these changes will allow the WMF to selectively enforce their terms of use to avoid ensnaring well-meaning editors.
Paid editing Does Wikipedia Pay? The Moderator: William Beutler
William Beutler (WWB), author of the blog The Wikipedian, is a long-time editor and community-watcher. He is also a paid editor (WWB Too). Well—not anymore—because he gave up direct editing of articles in 2011. Instead, for the past three years he has followed Jimmy Wales' Bright Line rule in acting as a researcher and consultant for companies and clients that want to suggest changes to Wikipedia articles and engage on the Talk page.
Forum Wikimedia Commons mission: free media for the world or only Wikimedia projects?
Non-US editors and chapters have taken issue with a multitude of image deletions done on the Wikimedia Commons to comply with the Uruguay Round Agreements Act, a US law that brought the country into compliance with the Berne Convention.
Forum Should Wikimedia modify its terms of use to require disclosure?
About a week ago, the Wikimedia Foundation proposed to modify the Wikimedia projects' terms of use to specifically ban paid editing, by adding a new clause titled "Paid contributions without disclosure". We have asked two users, one in favor of the measure (Smallbones) and one opposed (Pete Forsyth), to contribute their opinions on the matter.
News and notes Foundation takes aim at undisclosed paid editing; Greek Wikipedia editor faces down legal challenge
The Wikimedia Foundation has proposed to modify the Wikimedia projects' Terms of use to specifically ban undisclosed paid editing. ... Dimitris Liourdis, a lawyer in training who moonlights as an administrator on the Greek Wikipedia, is embroiled in a legal dispute with a Greek politician over alleged edits made to his Wikipedia article.
WikiProject report Special report: Contesting contests
Contests have existed almost as long as the English Wikipedia. Contestants have expanded hundreds of articles and made tens of thousands of edits. Although it may seem as though there aren't any negatives to contests, they have occasionally become a divisive topic on the English Wikipedia.
News and notes WMF employee forced out over "paid advocacy editing"
On 8 January, the Wikimedia Foundation notified the Wikimedia-l mailing list that Sarah Stierch, a popular Wikimedian and the Foundation's Program Evaluation Community Coordinator, was no longer an employee of the Wikimedia Foundation, as a result of being paid to create articles on the English Wikipedia.
Discussion report More discussion of paid advocacy, upcoming arbitrator elections, research hackathon, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
News and notes Vice on Wiki-PR's paid advocacy; Featured list elections begin
Media coverage on Wiki-PR, the multi-million-dollar US-based company that has broken several policies and guidelines on the English Wikipedia in its quest to create and maintain thousands of articles for paying clients, continued this week with a feature story by Martin Robbins in the British edition of Vice magazine.
Discussion report Ada Lovelace Day, paid advocacy on Wikipedia, sidebar update, and more
Current discussions on the English Wikipedia include...
News and notes Wiki-PR's extensive network of clandestine paid advocacy exposed
Extensive network of clandestine paid advocacy exposed: An investigation by the English Wikipedia community into suspicious edits and sockpuppet activity has led to astonishing revelations that Wiki-PR, a multi-million-dollar US-based company, has created, edited, or maintained several thousand Wikipedia articles for paying clients using a sophisticated array of concealed user accounts.
Recent research Sentiment monitoring; Wikipedians and academics favor the same papers; UNESCO and systemic bias; How ideas flow on Wikiversity
Sentiment monitoring; UNESCO and systemic bias; and more: A report on an online service which was created to conduct real-time monitoring of Wikipedia articles of companies, and more.
News and notes Debates on Meta sparking along—grants, new entities, and conflicts of interest
The WMF is reforming its grant schemes and the community is invited to look at proposals for a new scheme — for now called "Individual Engagement Grants" — due to kick off on January 15.
News and notes Court ruling complicates the paid-editing debate
Last week, media outlets reported a ruling by a German court on the problem of businesses using Wikipedia for marketing purposes. The issue goes beyond the direct management of marketing-related edits by Wikipedians; it involves cross-monitoring and interacting among market competitors themselves on Wikipedia. A company that sells dietary supplements made from frankincense had taken a competitor to court. The recently published judgment by the Higher Regional Court of Munich, in dealing with the German Wikipedia article on frankincense products, was handed down in May and is based on European competition law.
Paid editing Does Wikipedia Pay? The Founder: Jimmy Wales
Does Wikipedia Pay? is a Signpost series seeking to illuminate paid editing, paid advocacy, for-profit Wikipedia consultants, editing public relations professionals, conflict of interest guidelines in practice, and the Wikipedians who work on these issues by speaking openly with the people involved. This week, a scandal centering around Roger Bamkin's work with Wikimedia UK and Gibraltarpedia erupted ... In light of these events, opinions on how to avoid future controversy are as important as ever. ... The Signpost spoke with Jimmy Wales to better understand how he views the paid editing environment and what he thinks is needed to improve it.
News and notes Independent review of UK chapter governance; editor files motion against Wikitravel owners
Following considerable online and media reportage on the Gibraltar controversy and a Signpost report last week, the Wikimedia UK chapter and the foundation published a joint statement on September 28: "To better understand the facts and details of these allegations and to ensure that governance arrangements commensurate with the standing of the Wikimedia Foundation, Wikimedia UK and the worldwide Wikimedia movement, Wikimedia UK's trustees and the Wikimedia Foundation will jointly appoint an independent expert advisor to objectively review both Wikimedia UK's governance arrangements and its handling of the conflict of interest."
Paid editing Does Wikipedia pay? The skeptic: Orange Mike
Does Wikipedia pay? The skeptic: Orange Mike: Does Wikipedia pay? is an ongoing Signpost series seeking to illuminate paid editing, paid advocacy, for-profit Wikipedia consultants, editing public relations professionals, conflict of interest guidelines in practice, and the Wikipedians who work on these issues... by speaking openly with the people involved.
In the news Public relations on Wikipedia: friend or foe?
News and notes Foundation finance reformers wrestle with CoI
Paid editing Does Wikipedia Pay? The Communicator: Phil Gomes
Paid editing Does Wikipedia Pay? The Consultant: Pete Forsyth
News and notes Showdown as featured article writer openly solicits commercial opportunities
Paid editing Does Wikipedia Pay? The Facilitator: Silver seren
Discussion report COI and NOTCENSORED: policies under discussion
In the news A Wikistream of real time edits, a call for COI reform, and cracks in the ivory tower of knowledge
News and notes Foundation's finances, geodata milestone, interim counsel, museum conference
UK COI edits British politicians accused of WP cover-ups
In the news SCOTUS hopeful edited bio, criticism from article subject
News and notes License update, Google Translate, GLAM conference, Paid editing
Paid editing Report of diploma mill offering pay for edits
Conflict of interest Edit warrior traced back to airline


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