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2 March 2016

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Tretikov resigns, WMF in transition
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Wikipedia and paid labour; Swedish gender gap; how verifiable is "verifiable"?
Wikimedia Foundation details requests to alter or remove content in new transparency report

The February WMF Metrics and Activities Meeting
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Lila Tretikov

WMF strategy consultant brings background in crisis reputation management; Team behind popular WMF software put "on pause"
6 February 2017

Board unanimously appoints Katherine Maher as new WMF executive director; Wikimedia lawsuits in France and Germany
4 July 2016

Clarifications on status and compensation of outgoing executive directors Sue Gardner and Lila Tretikov
15 June 2016

Lila Tretikov a Young Global Leader; Wikipediocracy blog post sparks indefinite blocks
23 March 2016

Podcast #119: The Foundation and the departure of Lila Tretikov
16 March 2016

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