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Eyewitness Three more stories from Ukrainian Wikimedians
One year in: volunteering, science, art, and candlelight.
In the media Odd bedfellows, Elon and Jimbo, reliable sources for divorces, and more
Sometimes you need to read more than just the headlines!
In the media Truth or consequences? A tough month for truth
But Annie Rauwerda is the real thing!
On the bright side Ukrainian Wikimedians during the war — three (more) stories
Education, climate change, and journalism.
News and notes Information considered harmful
Wikipedia and human rights, publishers and the Internet Archive, Russia and Wikipedia.
Eyewitness Wikimedian, Vinnytsia, Ukraine War diary (part 3)
"This year's victory was sad and dull."
News and notes WMF inks new rules on government-ordered takedowns, blasts Russian feds' censor demands, spends big bucks
Office actions to secretly delete stuff when told to? Well, at least not if they're Putin's.
In the media Editor given three-year sentence, big RfA makes news, Guy Standing takes it sitting down
Belarusian Mark Bernstein to serve 36 months of "home chemistry" for unapproved posting, Slate covers historically large adminship bid, UBI economist with goofy infobox caption thinks it's funny.
Special report Three stories of Ukrainian Wikimedians during the war
Tales of hope, perseverance and even a little humor.
In the media Putin, Jimbo, Musk and more
A varied collection of "special operations", and interviews.
Special report Ukrainian Wikimedians during the war
Writing Wikipedia, joining the armed forces, and volunteering.
Interview On a war and a map
How a war map predated Wikimedia's map of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
In focus Editing difficulties on Russian Wikipedia
A multi-national encyclopedia tries to move forward.
Eyewitness Wikimedian, Vinnytsia, Ukraine War diary (Part 2)
"Our proud Sparta bleeds too."
Wikimedian perspective My heroes from Russia, Ukraine & beyond
The thought of cities being destroyed is unbearable.
Traffic report War, what is it good for?
Ukraine, Russia and Anna Sorokin.
On the bright side The bright side of news
Happy-er current events.
News and notes Of safety and anonymity
The diff that resulted in arrest and jail time in Belarus.
In the media Ukraine, Russia, and even some other stuff
Lenin did not say "Wow, check out those yachts"!
Gallery "All we are saying is, give peace a chance..."
The once-seen beauty of Ukraine, in high quality.
From the Signpost team We stand in solidarity with Ukraine
How the Signpost is documenting the 2022 Russian invasion of Ukraine: We stand in solidarity with free knowledge.
Eyewitness Wikimedian, Western Ukraine Working with Wikipedia helps
Holding up the elephants!
Eyewitness Wikimedian, Vinnytsia, Ukraine War diary
Reporting from on the ground in Ukraine.
Eyewitness Wikimedian, Kharkiv, Ukraine Countering Russian aggression with a camera
A Ukrainian Wikipedian volunteers to document the war.
Discussion report Athletes are less notable now
The Discussion Report returns with a diverse mix of community proposals.
Deletion report Ukraine, werewolves, Ukraine, YouTube pundits, and Ukraine
Things that go "boom" in the night
News and notes Unbiased information from Ukraine's government?
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs pitches in.
Featured content Ukraine burns
Five articles, two lists, and 52 pictures were promoted to "featured" status on the English Wikipedia this week.
Special report Diary of a protester—Wikimedian perishes in Ukrainian unrest
Ukraine has been gripped by widespread protests over the past three months. Due to a decision by former president Viktor Yanukovych—at Russia's urging—to abandon integration with the European Union, the country was (and in many ways still is) split between the Europe-favoring Ukrainian-speaking western half and the Russian-speaking east and south. Hundreds have died during the unrest, leaving thousands of family members and friends to bury their loved ones. This week our Wikimedian colleagues in Ukraine are facing that challenge after the death of one of their own.


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