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News and notes
WMF board elections and fundraising updates
Three new admins, but overall numbers still shrinking.
Special report
Wikimedia Movement Charter ratification vote underway, new Council may surpass power of Board
Will we weather the storm?
In focus
How the Russian Wikipedia keeps it clean despite having just a couple dozen administrators
Unbundling, automation, fighting spirit, and a bot named Reimu Hakurei.
Discussion report
Wikipedians are hung up on the meaning of Madonna
Debate unsettled after seventeen years.
In the media
War and information in war and politics
Advocacy organizations, a journalist, mycophobes, conservatives, leftists, photographers, and a disinformation task force imagine themselves in Wikipedia.
Sister projects
On editing Wikisource
A journey to a sister project.
Hanif Al Husaini, Salazarov, Hyacinth, and PirjanovNurlan
Rest in peace.
Etika: a Pop Culture Champion
An article about Etika's appeal and legacy in pop culture.
Spokane Willy's photos
A virtual visit to the Inland Northwest.
Why you should not vote in the 2024 WMF BoT elections
"Simply not good enough".
On a day of independence, beat crosswords into crossploughshares
How well do you know the main page (no peeking)?
A joke
Counting to a billion — manuscripts don't burn
Special:Diff/1 and related techno-trivia more complicated than you'd think.
Recent research
Is Wikipedia Politically Biased? Perhaps
And other new publications on systemic bias and other topics.
Traffic report
Talking about you and me, and the games people play
Elections, movies, sports.
Single-page edition


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