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News and notes
English Wikipedia editors: "We don't need no stinking banners"
Joe Roe's close sows dough woes, manifestos... vetoes? overthrows?
In the media
"The most beautiful story on the Internet"
Ineffective altruism, return of the toaster, Jess Wade keeps wading through it, Russia censors searches, schools embrace Wikipedia.
Lisa Seitz-Gruwell on WMF fundraising in the wake of big banner ad RfC
An interview with Wikimedia's Chief Advancement Officer.
Privacy on Wikipedia in the cyberpunk future
Oh, just one more thing... AI couldn't help but notice you use that punctuation a little bit more than most people...
Disinformation report
Missed and Dissed
Are government goons prowling our fair encyclopedia?
Diminishing returns for article quality
Have we gotten past the point where better articles makes us a better encyclopedia? And what comes next?
Book review
Writing the Revolution
Heather Ford's new volume on Wikipedia, knowledge and power in the 2011 Egyptian revolution.
Technology report
Galactic dreams, encyclopedic reality
Facebook's Galactica demo provides a case study in large language models for text generation at scale: this one was silly, but we cannot ignore them forever.
The Six Million FP Man
Okay, six hundred, but either way, the bionic editor speaks.
Tips and tricks
(Wiki)break stuff
Productively doing nothing
Recent research
Study deems COVID-19 editors smart and cool, questions of clarity and utility for WMF's proposed "Knowledge Integrity Risk Observatory"
And other research findings.
Featured content
A great month for featured articles
Do consider joining FPC, though: we need you.
A tribute to Michael Gäbler
They shall grow not old, as we that are left grow old: Age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn.
The relevance of legal certainty to the English Wikipedia
A lost article from our deep annals
Traffic report
Musical deaths, murders, Princess Di's nominative determinism, and sports
The weeks and weeks, as reviewed by Wikipedia's readers.
From the archives
Five, ten, and fifteen years ago
Search upgrades, lawsuits, paid editing, and personal reflection.
Joker's trick
A toast to good health, a health to good hoax, a hoax to good toast.
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