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From the editorDifferent stories, same place
What Wikipedians can and cannot do.
News and notes
The sockpuppet who ran for adminship and almost succeeded
And will the last person to leave the C-Suite please turn off the lights?
In the media
China bans, and is there intelligent life on this planet?
Beam me up, Scotty – Matt Amodio for sure, and maybe just a few VIPs, billionaires, and Tucker Carlson.
A photo on Wikipedia can ruin your life
Section 230 in practice – this Black life should matter to us.
Discussion report
Editors brainstorm and propose changes to the Requests for adminship process
Proposals to solve eight core problems – what many describe as a broken process – identified in the 2021 RfA review.
Recent research
Welcome messages fail to improve newbie retention
And other new research results
Community view
Reflections on the Chinese Wikipedia
Were the bans justified?
Traffic report
James Bond and the Giant Squid Game
Plus German elections and movies galore.
Technology report
Wikimedia Toolhub, winners of the Coolest Tool Award, and more
Now discovering and accessing Wikimedia tools will be easier.
How Wikipedia helped create a Serbian stamp
Details can make all the difference!
Book review
Wikipedia and the Representation of Reality
Or you could watch the video!
WikiProject report
An interview with participants at WikiProject Redirect.
A very Wiki crossword
24 clues to chew on.
Single-page edition


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