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News and notes
Maher stepping down
UCC launch.
Disinformation report
A "billionaire battle" on Wikipedia: Sex, lies, and video
Edits of the rich and famous.
The call for feedback on community seats is a distraction
Free as in Liberty.
In the media
Corporate influence at OSM, Fox watching the hen house
Wikidata, Turkey, Valentine's Day and all sorts of bias!
News from the WMF
Who tells your story on Wikipedia
You can!
Recent research
Take an AI-generated flashcard quiz about Wikipedia; Wikipedia's anti-feudalism
And other new research publications
Featured content
A Love of Knowledge, for Valentine's Day
Stealing your heart, and Charles Darwin's notebooks.
Traffic report
Does it almost feel like you've been here before?
Watching the Super Bowl at the Cecil?
What is Black history and culture?
In paintings, photos, and recordings.
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