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From the editorsWhere do we go from here?
Our constitutional crisis may continue
Special report
Post-Framgate wrapup
Summary of actions around a formerly banned former administrator: Arbitration Committee action and withdrawn request for adminship
In the media
A net loss: Wikipedia attacked, closing off Russia? welcoming back Turkey?
The internet may not be as stable as it seems
Traffic report
Varied and intriguing entries, less Luck, and some retreads
Luck, Serena, Bianca, 9/11, bad films, mass murderers and other good stuff
News from the WMF
How the Wikimedia Foundation is making efforts to go green
Wikipedia's footprint is equivalent to 251 average US homes’ energy use. Yes we can go green.
Recent research
Wikipedia's role in assessing credibility of news sources; using wikis against procrastination; OpenSym 2019 report
And other recent research publications
Finding freely licensed photo collections
Wikimedia Commons is not the only place to find freely licensed photos
On the bright side
What's making you happy this month?
A selection of good news and encouraging stories that are from the Wikiverse
In focus
Wikidata & Wikibase for national libraries: the inaugural meeting
National libraries are planning to leverage Wikidata to interoperate and to bring information to the public
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