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Discussion report
A constitutional crisis hits English Wikipedia
Could this be a new relationship between the Foundation and ArbCom, and between the Foundation and enwiki?
News and notes
Mysterious ban, admin resignations, Wikimedia Thailand rising
Many administrators resign related to Fram case; Wikimedia Thailand to host Wikimania 2020.
In the media
The disinformation age
Or is it the information error?
On the bright side
What's making you happy this month?
A selection of good news and encouraging stories that are from the Wikiverse.
Traffic report
Juneteenth, Beauty Revealed, and more nuclear disasters
Readers look for info on what they watch, mostly Chernobyl.
Technology report
Actors and Bots
Database changes, new scripts, Tech News, and more.
Unlike the North Face, Wiki Loves Earth
Wikimedia photographers surge to contribute to the Wiki Loves Earth campaign even while rogue clothing company The North Face replaces wiki illustrations with advertisements.
Special report
Did Fram harass other editors?
Recent research
What do editors do after being blocked?; the top mathematicians, universities and cancers according to Wikipedia
And other recent research publications.
From the archives
Women and Wikipedia: the world is watching
"If you don't clean up this mess, the adults are going to come and take your toys away from you."
Why the Terms of Use change didn't curtail undisclosed paid editing—and what might
To reduce the incentives driving undisclosed paid editing, Wikipedia could simplify the process and meet outsiders halfway.
In focus
WikiJournals: A sister project proposal
Academic peer review meets Wikimedia.
Community view
A CEO biography, paid for with taxes
How an Irish state-level paid editor tried to turn me into the villain.
2019 Wikimedia Affiliate Selected Board Seats Election Results
Wikimedia community organizations elect two members for the Wikimedia Foundation board of trustees.
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