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News and notes
Katherine Maher named interim head of WMF; Wales email re-sparks Heilman controversy; draft WMF strategy posted
Controversy, change, and everything between.
In the media
Wikipedian is break-out star of International Women's Day; dinosaur art; Wikipedia's new iOS app and its fight for market share
Perhaps we're turning over a new leaf as a front-runner in the fight for equality?
A modest proposal for Wikimedia’s future
A look at the future of our parent foundation.
Featured content
Five articles, four lists, a topic, and five images were promoted this week.
This week's featured content
Technology report
Wikimedia wikis will temporarily go into read-only mode on several occasions in the coming weeks
Finally, a break for the vandalism fighters!
WikiCup report
First round of the WikiCup finishes
Your detailed look at one of Wikipedia's largest contests.
The new alchemy: turning online harassment into Wikipedia articles on women scientists
By night, she smites trolls on the Internet with positive punishment: for each harassing email she receives, one Wikipedia article on a woman in science is created.
Systemic bias
Revenge of "I can’t believe we didn’t have an article on ..."
Wherein I am STILL fucking angry about systemic bias and am highlighting kick-ass articles we created and improved this month in our never-ending quest to fix it.
Traffic report
All business like show business
The Oscars, Super Tuesday, and Super Saturday"
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