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Two responses to the 'Tragedy of Wikipedia's Commons'
Following last week's op-ed by Gigs ("The Tragedy of Wikipedia's Commons"), the Signpost is carrying two contrary opinions from MichaelMaggs, a bureaucrat on Wikimedia Commons, and Mattbuck, a British Commons administrator.
Traffic report
Most popular Wikipedia articles of the last week
The season finale of Game of Thrones ensured that the epic high fantasy series would dominate the top 10 again last week; however, it was joined by Maurice Sendak and Man of Steel.
In the media
South African learners want Wikipedia; Editing of Israel topics published an article on the yearning of students in South Africa for free knowledge through Wikipedia Zero.
WikiProject report
The Volunteer State: WikiProject Tennessee
This week, we visited WikiProject Tennessee, a project dedicate to the state at the geographic and cultural crossroads of the United States.
News and notes
Swedish Wikipedia's millionth article leads to protests; WMF elections—where are all the voters?
With erysichton elaborata, the Swedish Wikipedia passed the one million article Rubicon this week. While this is a mostly symbolic achievement, serving as a convenient benchmark with which to gain publicity and attention in an increasingly statistical world, the particular method by which the Swedish site has passed the mark has garnered significant attention—and controversy.
Featured content
Cheaper by the dozen
Eleven articles, twelve lists, and eleven pictures were promoted to 'featured' status on the English Wikipedia this week.
Discussion report
Citations, non-free content, and a MediaWiki meeting
A list of current discussions on the English Wikipedia.
Technology report
May engineering report published
The WMF's engineering report for May was published recently on the Wikimedia blog and on the MediaWiki wiki ("friendly" summary version), giving an overview of all Foundation-sponsored technical operations in that month.
Arbitration report
The Farmbrough amendment request—automation and arbitration enforcement
Richard Farmbrough was set to have his day in court, but as events transpired, this was not to be so. On 25 March 2013, an accusation was made against Farmbrough at Arbitration Enforcement (AE), claiming that he violated the terms of an automated edit restriction. Within hours, Farmbrough had filed his own request with the arbitration committee, citing the newly filed AE request and claiming that the motion was being used "in an absurd way" in the filing of enforcement requests: "I have not made any edits that a sane person would consider automation."
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