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News and notes
Chapter furore over FDC knockbacks; First DC GLAM boot-camp
The Funds Dissemination Committee released its recommendations to the WMF board last Sunday. The news that the Hong Kong chapter's application for US$212K had failed was followed by a strongly worded resignation announcement by Deryck Chan on the public Wikimedia-l mailing-list.
In the media
Wikipedia's sexism; Yuri Gadyukin hoax
On 24 April 2013, novelist Amanda Filipacchi published what turned out to be an influential op-ed in the New York Times; illuminating the unusual background of the Yuri Gadyukin hoax.
Featured content
Wiki loves video games
Nine articles, three lists, three pictures, and one topic were promoted to "featured" this week.
WikiProject report
Japanese WikiProject Baseball
This week, we traveled to the Japanese Wikipedia's WikiProject Baseball for perspectives from a version of Wikipedia that treats WikiProjects as their own unique namespace (プロジェクト:) independent of "Wikipedia:".
Traffic report
Most popular Wikipedia articles
The WP:TOP25 and WP:5000 reports chronicle the most popular Wikipedia articles on a weekly basis.
Arbitration report
Sexology closed; two open cases
The Sexology case closed shortly after publication with no changes.
Recent research
Sentiment monitoring; UNESCO and systemic bias; and more
A report on an online service which was created to conduct real-time monitoring of Wikipedia articles of companies, and more.
Technology report
New notifications system deployed across Wikipedia
This week saw the deployment of the Echo extension, also known as "notifications".
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