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Dispute over Rorschach test images, and more

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By BanyanTree

Rorschach test dispute reported

New York Times writer and longtime Wikipedia observer Noam Cohen wrote up a story on a dispute on Rorschach test, which revolves around whether posting the ten original (public domain) inkblot images will cause patients of psychologists to game the test, making it useless. The publisher of Rorschach's work said it was looking into a lawsuit against the Wikimedia Foundation, about which Mike Godwin, the Foundation's general counsel, seemed unconcerned.[1] The story was picked up widely, with coverage ranging from the straightforward[2] to the mocking.[3][4] The Globe and Mail published an extensive account of the kerfuffle,[5] while Newsweek and Science Daily used the controversy to emphasize that the Rorschach test is not considered particularly effective.[6][7] Discussion among Wikipedians is ongoing.

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