In the news

In the news

VisualWikipedia review reviewed VisualWikipedia, a new tool for browsing Wikipedia. VisualWikipedia takes text from Wikipedia's articles and adds pop-up descriptions to the wikilinks, integrates YouTube videos, and provides relational maps of topics. Adam Pash, writer, did criticize VisualWikipedia for its lack of visual appeal.

Jimbo reflects on Nupedia for Fifty Lessons

Fifty Lessons offers informational videos and books based on the advice of today's world leaders. Jimmy Wales contributed by reflecting on his experiences with Nupedia and Wikipedia. In a piece titled Avoid Rigid Thinking, Wales concludes that the a priori thinking and rigidity that went into Nupedia were ultimately its failure, whereas Wikipedia's flexibility allowed it to succeed. The video, as well as a somewhat inaccurate transcription thereof, are available here.

Yahoo! announces Wikipedia SearchMonkey application

SearchMonkey is a customizable tool designed to enhance Yahoo!'s search results by incorporating media from reference sites such as CIA World Factbook and Merriam-Webster. On January 15, Yahoo! announced the new Wikipedia SearchMonkey application. For any search results that include Wikipedia's articles, the new application will add text, links, and pictures from that article to the relevant result.

Wikipedia celebrates its 8th birthday

January 15, 2009 marked Wikipedia's eighth year online. Various news postings celebrated the occasion, praised the progress made thus far, and discussed the future of Wikipedia. CBCNews [1] discussed the accuracy and popularity of Wikipedia with founder Jimmy Wales. ScienceBlogs poster Martin Rundkvist encouraged readers to try contributing to the encyclopedia. ReadWriteWeb claimed that "Few websites have made a bigger impact on the world than Wikipedia has."

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